November 2020 – Staff Picks – Holiday Gift Guide

Josh BaldridgeKala Klipz Tuners – Rechargeable – White
This USB rechargeable tuner is the most accurate inexpensive tuners that I’ve found. The battery lasts me up to two months, and that’s with me using it on a daily basis.

Kala Klipz Tuners - Rechargeable - White

Jim Baggett – Elliott Capos
The folks at Elliott Capos handcraft these wonderful pieces of functional art. Stainless steel and built to last.

Elliott Capos

Eric Putnam – Rock Slide – Molded Glass Guitar Slide – Medium Beer Bottle Green
This is my favorite slide we sell! I like them so much I have two of them! If you are new to slide these are great because they are nice and light and are comfortable. If you have been playing slide for awhile you should check one out too!

Rock Slide - Molded Glass Guitar Slide - Medium Beer Bottle Green

Matt Pelsma – BOSS Guitar Effect Pedals – Waza-Air Personal Guitar Amp Headphones
This new product checks all the boxes for which players on the go have been requesting- a private practicing option with wireless connectivity, all-in-one with easy portability. Plus, there are some killer sound options and interactivity I think players didn’t imagine they needed. Natural sound and feel from BOSS’s excellent emulation makes this a well earned piece of gear at the price.

BOSS Guitar Effect Pedals - Waza-Air Personal Guitar Amp Headphones

Brian Soden – Peterson Strobe Tuners – StroboClip HD
The new Peterson StroboClip HD has been all the buzz at the shop the last few weeks; and rightfully so! In addition to it being the most accurate clip-on tuner I’ve ever used, it’s lightweight and has a bright display that’s easy to read in any lighting situation. It’s my favorite new accessory in the store!

Peterson Strobe Tuners - StroboClip HD

Mike Horan – Skeptical Guitarist – Guitar From Scratch
Our best-selling books! Perfect for a beginner, but excellent if you’ve been playing for awhile too. Bruce Emery’s accessible and humorous approach to learning an instrument is refreshing. He has a way of making you “get it” on a deeper level—I can’t recommend these books enough.

Skeptical Guitarist - Guitar From Scratch

Trey DurkinSnark Tuners – SN-5 Clip-on Tuner
The snark is a great tuner to keep on hand for any stringed instrument lover. These have long been a staple, and can be seen at just about every jam, and on every stage. I have several that I keep in separate rooms, just for convenience’s sake. It’s always great to be in tune!

Snark Tuners - SN-5 Clip-on Tuner

Susan Willits – Straps!
We have a really great assortment of straps available for all the musicians in your life, including you! We have fun, silly straps, dignified, serious straps, short straps, long straps, skinny straps, wide straps, colorful straps, plain straps, cloth straps, nylon straps, leather straps, soft straps, guitar straps, banjo straps, mandolin straps, ukulele straps, Fender straps, Martin straps, Taylor straps, oh, so many straps!


Matt KappenmanD’Addario – Humiditrak Smart Sensor
I really enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having one of these paired up with my guitars. It lives in the case all year round and I can quickly pull up the app on my phone to check how the humidity level of each instrument is doing. Perfect for this time of year as the humidity levels drop.

D'Addario - Humiditrak Smart Sensor

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