Collings Guitars - 01T - Traditional T Series

Collings 01T – All about the details

It’s all about the details and our friends at Collings Guitars knocked it out of the park on this one. This vintage-inspired small body 01 Traditional is responsive, ringing out with the lightest touch from a flat pick or when played fingerstyle. ⁠⁠For more of those exquisite details, including photos, specs and pricing, head over to the website. Continue reading Collings 01T – All about the details

Mythos Pedals - SusMaryOsep! V2

Bright, Happy, Sunshine SUSMARYOSEP!

Is there a more upbeat, cheery and down right fun pedal on a cold, dark, wintery day than the SUSMARYOSEP!? No, we didn’t think so either. This collaboration between guitarist @rj_ronquillo and Zach of Mythos Pedals is almost a pedalboard in a box, with an overdrive, boost and echo all in one unit! Head over to the website for more details, photos and demo from R.J. himself. … Continue reading Bright, Happy, Sunshine SUSMARYOSEP!

Iris OG

New From Greer – Black Mountain Crunch Drive Demo

This Greer Amps Black Mountain Crunch Drive delivers vintage-inspired crunchy British amp tones to your guitar and bass pedalboards. As always from Nick over at Greer Amps this is a highly usable pedal, crank it up for full on crunch and gnarly overdriven tones, or back it off a bit for a midrange grit that can sound great pushing any rig. Continue reading New From Greer – Black Mountain Crunch Drive Demo

Gibson L-5 Demo

Vintage Gibson Guitars 1935 L-5 – Demo

It is hard to get more iconic in the world of vintage acoustic archtops than this. Say hello to this stunning 1935 Gibson L-5 that recently landed here at the shop. An early ‘35 L-5, this guitar retains the original 16” body sought after by so many players today. The quilted maple back and sides are striking, along with the dark sunburst accentuating the carved … Continue reading Vintage Gibson Guitars 1935 L-5 – Demo

ThroBak Pedals - Strange Master

Rangemaster Meets stRangeMaster

ThroBak Electronics has long been one of the go to builders for vintage-inspired pickups, but their lineup of pedals delivers that same level of quality and attention to detail. Thanks to a certain Youtube influencer’s limited edition pedal there’s been a resurgence of interest in vintage-inspired Rangemasters and the stRangeMaster from ThroBak is not to be missed! Continue reading Rangemaster Meets stRangeMaster