Black Russian Fuzz – NOS Build

Our friend Matt, over at Stomp Under Foot, makes some of the best vintage-inspired, NOS builds arounds and this Black Russian is great sounding example. Featuring the original BC547 Transistors, and the exact same vintage capacitors as the original eight screw version, this Black Russian delivers on this particular Russian muff tone. We have a limited number of these in stock so don’t dillydally. Continue reading Black Russian Fuzz – NOS Build

Sinker Mahogany – Collings OM1 A T – Demo

This Collings OM1 A T, here with an upgraded Sinker Mahogany back and sides, is a bold and focused guitar that delivers the warm tone and rounded high-end that we love about the Traditional Series. Occasionally an OM shows up here in the shop that can hang, and in some ways compete with a dreadnought when it comes to overall volume, and this Orchestra Model … Continue reading Sinker Mahogany – Collings OM1 A T – Demo