Strymon Deco Pedal Review

Strymon has managed to capture the sounds of creative ’50s recording studio reel-to-reel tape effects into a small, incredibly well designed and easy to use pedal, the Strymon Deco. Rockabilly and country players in particular will never want to be without this one, while blues players and others will find convenient boost to overdrive and more all in this awesome tonal toolbox that is, simply put, a heck of … Continue reading Strymon Deco Pedal Review

Top Guitar Accessories for the Musician — 2013 Edition

Every year we see a new crop of guitar and music accessories—some are pure trends while others stand the test of time (see the Repair luthiers’ picks . . .). Here are a few of our favorite things for both acoustic and electric guitar players that make practicing, gigging and just enjoying music a little bit easier. Josh Baldridge — 60 Cycle Buzz Coffee The … Continue reading Top Guitar Accessories for the Musician — 2013 Edition