Repair Spotlight: Herringbone Headstock Repair – Byron Berline

Jim’s been working on the great Byron Berline’s guitars for years. As many of you know Byron’s shop, Double Stop Fret Shop, suffered a devastating fire last year, with many of the instruments destroyed or suffering damage beyond repair. Thankfully this herringbone survived, but did not make it out unscathed. This late ’30s Martin D-28 had previously suffered a break in the headstock which had … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Herringbone Headstock Repair – Byron Berline

Repair Spotlight: Mossman Great Plains Neck Reset

Here’s an in progress repair spotlight that we’ll hopefully update as the repair process goes along. One third of the store is getting ready for the NAMM show, the other third is prepping for new gear that is in route and the Repair Shop is holding it down upstairs, working to reset the neck on this 1974 Mossman Great Plains. Lots of NAMM posts are … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Mossman Great Plains Neck Reset

Meet the Plek Livestream

PLEK Livestream Archive

Recently Mass Street luthiers Mike and Matt performed a PLEK scan and fret dress live over on Facebook. We had a little bit of a networking lapse at first, but check out the archive of the PLEK livestream including the virtual fret dress and live fret cutting. Looking to have your instrument PLEK’d? Check out our repair shop page for more information about getting in touch. Continue reading PLEK Livestream Archive

Meet the Plek Machine at Mass Street Music

Meet the Plek Machine

If you’ve been up to the shop in the past few months you’ve probably noticed the latest addition in our lutherie toolbox, the Plek Machine. What is a Plek you may ask? For starters, it’s a tool, an extremely accurate tool. Like an MRI or CT Scan of your guitar, the Plek machine scans an instrument’s frets and fingerboard, and presents that data to our trained crew … Continue reading Meet the Plek Machine

Repair Spotlight Lefty to Right Conversion

Repair Spotlight: Waterloo Left Hand Conversion

We’ll kick this Repair Spotlight off with the disclaimer that not every guitar is a good candidate for a left-hand conversion. Bracing, neck shape, bridges, and saddle slot placement are all considerations that must be made when determining if the process will work well. This ladder braced Waterloo WL-14 however made for the perfect candidate! Just look how happy Mass Street General Manager Mike H … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Waterloo Left Hand Conversion

TV Jones and Emmerson Kit upgrade to Gretsch

Repair Spotlight: Gretsch Electronics Upgrade

While we often focus on the acoustic side of things in our Repair Spotlight posts, the shop also specializes in all things electric. In this edition of the Repair Spotlight we’re talking electronics swap out…all of the electronics. Here Matt Street Luthier Matt H is taking a stock Gretsch G5420T and upgrading all of the pots and switches with gear from our friends at Emerson Custom and … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Gretsch Electronics Upgrade

Repair Spotlight: Custom Neck Profile

Up in the Repair Shop our luthiers get unique requests from customers on a daily basis. Whether it’s something standard like swapping pickups, to a neck reset and a complete refret, the shop is more than willing to make musical dreams come true. Cut to a recent request to thin down a neck on one of our customer’s favorite guitars. Originally the guitar had been … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Custom Neck Profile

Repair Spotlight OM Repair

Repair Spotlight: 1931 Martin OM-28 Bridge Repair

Underneath a layer of overspray was this beautiful, original Martin 1931 OM-28 bridge, with all the contours and craftsmanship that we admire in these vintage guitars. Jim slowly cleaned out the over-cut string slots in order to fill them with new pieces of ebony to correct the breakover angle. While the shop has fabricated hundreds of replacement belly bridges over the years, and have all … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: 1931 Martin OM-28 Bridge Repair

Repair Spotlight: Andy McKee – Greenfield Harp Guitar Repair

Life on the road can be rough for the touring musician, but even more so for their instruments! Friend of the store Andy McKee has been jet-setting around the world, playing his unique combination of top-tapping, fingerstyle and percussive acoustic guitar, and his gear has logged some serious miles with him. Unfortunately, the headstock on the bass side of his Greenfield HG Harp Guitar broke off while traveling … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Andy McKee – Greenfield Harp Guitar Repair

FREE Restrings at Fidpick

From 1-4pm Sunday, Aug. 28th, we’ll be offering FREE restrings at the Mass Street Music booth down in South Park at the Kansas State Fiddling and Picking Championships! Just bring by your guitar, chat us up while you wait, and in no time you’ll have a fresh set of steel ready for the day. We’ll be using our house brand for the FREE restrings, but we’ll … Continue reading FREE Restrings at Fidpick