Repair Spotlight - 1937 D-18 Overhaul

Repair Spotlight – Vintage 1937 D-18 Overhaul

Bringing this Martin 1937 D-18 back to playing shape presented many challenges that needed to be addressed outside the usual neck reset/refret that is standard fare on a vintage guitar. Since the early ’70s this guitar has had upwards of five bridges on and off by other repair shops that had either pulled up or cracked. On top of that it had previously had the neck reset with epoxy, making the removal of the neck that much more challenging than if it had been done with the traditional hide glue.

The failing bridges had done a number on the top, and it required Mass Street repair manager Mike H to essentially rebuild the top underneath the bridge in order to provide a good glueing surface for the properly sized replacement bridge. Some finish touchup and few more repairs, along with a new pickguard and filling a bunch of holes where a name had been stenciled into the pickguard/top.

After a proper hide glue neck reset, fingerboard repair from a previous bad refret, PLEK fingerboard plane, refret and PLEK fret dress this pre-war D-18 is ready for another, hopefully much more stable life.

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