Waterloo WL-14 LTR Demo

The ladder braced builds from Waterloo Guitars continue to be shop favorites for their quick string response, throaty mid-range and top-end sparkle. These vintage-inspired guitars are typically thought of as blues boxes or old-time guitars, but can work equally well as an accompaniment instrument for a singer-songwriter or smaller group. Check out our guy Matt Pelsma on this WL-14LTR, and head on over to the website … Continue reading Waterloo WL-14 LTR Demo

Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

Matt and Mike up in our repair shop spent the morning yesterday installing a new fret cutter head in our PLEK machine. This is a fairly routine procedure in which the old head is removed and sent back to PLEK for sharpening and a new one is installed, and then meticulously calibrated in order to maintain the accuracy of our PLEK fret dresses. Check out … Continue reading Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

Thorpy Fx The Dane Pedal

Thorpy FX Pedals at Mass Street – The Dane

We have some of our favorite Thorpy FX pedals back in stock both in store and on the website. These pedals are well built, hifi and versatile. To say we’re big fans would be an understatement. The Dane, pictured here, is a dual boost/drive in one convenient package. Head on over to the website or come on by the shop to check out these pedals. … Continue reading Thorpy FX Pedals at Mass Street – The Dane

Mass Resonator Podcast

Podcast – Episode 4 – Specs don’t matter

We all fall victim to it in the age of unlimited information on the Internet, the dreaded spec overload. In this episode of the Mass Resonator Podcast Eric, Josh, Brian and Matt sit down to talk about how the particular specs of an instrument don’t matter…until they do. Here is a link to subscribe to the podcast to get episodes automatically downloaded to your computer … Continue reading Podcast – Episode 4 – Specs don’t matter

Vintage Fender 1977 Starcaster

Check out this match made in ’70s Fender heaven. Built in 1977, this Starcaster is an extremely clean example of a rare bird in the history of Fender guitars. From only the second year of production this thin hollowbody features that iconic asymmetrical double cutaway and beveled headstock that’s had a resurgence in recent years. ⁠⁠Acting as a lovely back drop is a ’77 Deluxe Reverb which … Continue reading Vintage Fender 1977 Starcaster

Collings Custom I-35 LC

Collings Guitars – Custom ordered I-35 LC – Faded Cherry

This Collings Guitars I-35 LC was a custom ordered instrument, built to spec in order to capture exactly what the owner was after. Featuring a plain top, bigsby tremolo, Throbak pickups, and an aged faded cherry finish, with just a hint of extra aging toner to bring that vintage vibe, this guitar came out perfectly.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ Looking to custom order your dream guitar? Get in … Continue reading Collings Guitars – Custom ordered I-35 LC – Faded Cherry