Suhr Guitars - Classic S - Surf Green - Maple Fingerboard - SSCII Equipped

Classic S in Vintage Surf Green

We say it all the time, but vintage-vibes with modern playability is one of our go to thoughts when ordering up new guitars. And this Suhr Classic S ticks a ton of boxes, including the Surf Green finish, stainless steel frets and silent single-coil pickups. More details and photos over on the website for your #straturday needs. Link: Suhr Guitars – Classic S – Surf Green – … Continue reading Classic S in Vintage Surf Green

Universal Audio – 3 New Analog-Inspired Effects

Check out the latest from the wizards at Universal Audio. The Del-Verb Ambience Companion, Galaxy ’74 Tape Echo & Reverb and Max Preamp & Dual Compressor are all three built upon UA’s analog modeling expertise and deliver vintage, classic and studio level effects to your pedalboard. Head over to the website to learn more out all three pedals from Universal Audio! Link: Universal Audio Effects … Continue reading Universal Audio – 3 New Analog-Inspired Effects

Silktone - Silktone Amp - British Red

British Red – Silktone Amp

Say hello to the latest Silktone Amp to come through the door. This boutique amp delivers the fullness and raw overdrive of single-ended power tubes. The “MID” control is super dynamic giving you everything from traditional mid-60s Fender tones with the mids dialed down to punchy British grind with the mid cranked up. Switchable 12Watt/.05Watt output makes it great for small clubs, recording or basement … Continue reading British Red – Silktone Amp

AmpRx - BrownBox - Input Voltage Attenuator

Tube Amp Voltage Attenuator from AmpRX

A great addition to any rig, the BrownBox from AmpRX, delivers consistent voltage levels for your tube amp which can reveal the optimal harmonic response out of the amp. Vintage, and vintage-inspired circuits, were designed with voltages closer to 110v, while modern power can run at voltage levels up to 129v! The BrownBox is a great way to lower the voltage in the studio, at … Continue reading Tube Amp Voltage Attenuator from AmpRX

EarthQuaker Devices - Aurelius Tri-Chorus

EarthQuaker Vintage Chorus Vibes

Inspired by the classic ’70s CE-1, this digital pedal from the crew at EarthQuaker Devices brings a host of classic and upgraded features. Three Chorus modes including Chorus/Vibrato, Flanger, Leslie rotary speaker all shine and the addition of user-assignable express control via a TRS expression peda1 expands the ways this new digital unit can enhance your playing. A fully featured piece of gear at a … Continue reading EarthQuaker Vintage Chorus Vibes

Waterloo WL-S Deluxe

Original T-Bar Waterloo WL-S Deluxe

This 2017 Waterloo WL-S Deluxe is in excellent condition and ready for a new home. If you’ve been on the hunt for a Waterloo the past few years you know how rare this Deluxe model is. Inspired by the ornately appointed Stella models of the 1930s, this WL-S Deluxe features a Select Spruce top paired with a gorgeous solid Cherry back and sides. Head over … Continue reading Original T-Bar Waterloo WL-S Deluxe

Collings CJ All Mahogany

Collings CJ – All Mahogany Slope-Shoulder Build

Here for your #mahoganymonday viewing pleasure we have this stunning used Collings. From 2010, this is a custom CJ with a few tasteful upgrades and appointments including an all Mahogany top, back and sides for a warm, focused tone that perfectly accompanies a vocalist. With Tortoise fingerboard, headstock and body binding this CJ has some simple visual touches that really set it apart. It does have some … Continue reading Collings CJ – All Mahogany Slope-Shoulder Build