Martin 00-18 Authentic Series

1931 Authentic Series – 00-18

This 1931 Authentic Series 00-18, from 2016, is a great example of the Martin team showcasing the craftsmanship that went into the original inspiration. Here with a t-bar, thin nitro finish, dovetail neck joint with hide glue construction, this 00 sports an Adirondack VTS top and sounds fantastic. More photos and details are available over on the website. Continue reading 1931 Authentic Series – 00-18

Collings I-35 LC Vintage

New I-35 LC Vintage from Collings

This Collings I-35 LC Vintage, here with a Bigsby, is the latest iteration on the I-35 from the Austin, TX crew. Taking the now familiar 15″ semi-hollow design, Collings reengineered both their laminate, and center block recipes, bringing forward a new sound that is wholly steeped in vintage-tones. Featuring Collings custom-spec’d Throback pickups, this semi-hollow is a versatile guitar, more a blank canvas for your … Continue reading New I-35 LC Vintage from Collings

Artificial Blonde

Signature Madison Cunningham Pedal

The JHS Pedals Artificial Blonde delivers on Madison Cunningham’s now signature sound, found on the album Who You Are Now. After a show in our very own Lawrence, KS, JHS founder Josh Scott worked with Madison to develop a prototype version of this pedal, which Madison toured with for well over a year. Now available as a signature model, we’re excited to have this always-on style … Continue reading Signature Madison Cunningham Pedal

Hudson Electronics - Broadcast Dual FW - Custom MSM Green

Hudson Electronics – Custom Broadcast MSM Green

We’ve teamed up with Hudson Electronics to offer this custom Mass Street Music Green Broadcast Dual FW. Inspired by the classic broadcast consoles of the 1960s, this Class-A germanium preamp handles both low and high gain tones, delivering everything from clean boost up to fuzz territory. The color turned out great, we can’t wait to start seeing these on pedalboards!⁠ Continue reading Hudson Electronics – Custom Broadcast MSM Green

DeArmond Dynasonics in the Repair Shop

The DeArmond Dynasonics in this Electro II are the stuff dreams are made of for any vintage Gretsch fan. From 1954, this Gretsch 6187-8 was recently in the shop for some work, and we couldn’t help but snap a photo of the pickups. Our repair shop specializes in everything from vintage repair to PLEK fretwork to setups and more! Head over to our repair page … Continue reading DeArmond Dynasonics in the Repair Shop