The Buffer

New From Browne Amplification – ‘The Fixer’

We’re excited to have in the latest problem-solving pedal from our friends over at Browne Amplification. Dubbed “The Fixer“, this utility pedal sports a pair of independent boosts, allowing for independent levels for two different guitars, making swaps between humbuckers and single-coils easier without a bunch of knob twirling fuss. An independent tuner output and buffer check more than a few boxes in optimizing your … Continue reading New From Browne Amplification – ‘The Fixer’

Universal Audio OX

Universal Audio – OX – In the Door

Just in the door – we’re excited to have the OX from Universal Audio back in stock! With the best-in-class speaker attenuator, crank up your tube amp to gig levels for that tube saturated breakup while driving the speaker at bedroom volume. Or use the built-in headphone jack to rock silently. Built-in USB makes it an awesome recording rig as well. Ships free off our … Continue reading Universal Audio – OX – In the Door

June 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle Ralston – Pedal Pawn – Chicken Quiff – TremoloWhat a great pedal if you are looking for a tremolo style effect with tons of vibe and character. The rate button cuts the speed in half giving a really nice Leslie effect. The Quiff is an excellent representation patterned after the Diaz Tremodillo with an added pulsing light, and it’s 1/3 of the price of the … Continue reading June 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks