Suhr Guitars | Amps | Pedals now available in the KC Metro

We’re excited to be bringing the Suhr line of guitars, amps and pedals to shop, including this Badger 30 that just arrived! A killer head with built-in power scaling and footswitch-able boost, this small but mighty amp is a fantastic pedal platform. Head on over to the website to check out our in stock Suhr amps, pedals and cabs. We have a handful of guitars … Continue reading Suhr Guitars | Amps | Pedals now available in the KC Metro

Say Hello to the new Benson Germanium Boost

The heart of the circuit of the new Germanium Boost from the crew at Benson Amps was developed while designing their popular Germanium Fuzz, and while it didn’t work out for the fuzz it made for a fantastic boost! Utilizing a voltage controlled error correcting circuit, this linear clean boost delivers a clear, almost sweetened tone, that doesn’t so much color your sound as it … Continue reading Say Hello to the new Benson Germanium Boost

Rare Brazilian Collings

Jim often talks about the vintage guitars of the past, and future, and this 000 from Collings definitely falls into that future vintage category. 42 style appointments, slot headstock, and a lovely set of Brazilian rosewood round out this powerful, smaller-body guitar. The body shape and bridge placement make for a very responsive and comfy player, and the German spruce top works great for fingerstyle … Continue reading Rare Brazilian Collings

Custom Grosh ElectraJet

Here’s an amazing Grosh Guitars ElectraJet that came and went in under 24 hours…but we couldn’t pass up showing it off! Sporting a metalic shoreline gold finish, a metalic pickguard and a trio of chrome covered G90 pickups, this offset is something special. We’re always up for working out the perfect custom guitar for you, so shoot us an email at to get the process … Continue reading Custom Grosh ElectraJet

Signature Z Wreck Jr. – A fantastic boutique combo

The Z Wreck Jr. Combo is the result of a collaboration between the late amp guru Ken Fischer, country star Brad Paisley and the good Dr Z himself. Bright, dynamic and touch sensitive, this EL84-style amp produces the tone and harmonics we love about Dr. Z amps at any volume level thanks to the post-phase inverter volume circuit. Turret board construction and aircraft-grade aluminum chassis, … Continue reading Signature Z Wreck Jr. – A fantastic boutique combo

BlueChip Picks with Mass Street Logo

We have BlueChip Picks back in stock, but this time with an added twist! We’ve teamed up with the BlueChip crew to have the Mass Street Music circle logo engraved on the back side of the pick, for maximum MSM shop pride. These high-end picks are made of a high-grade composite material that makes for a comfy player that produces a fantastic tone. ⁠⁠We’ve also … Continue reading BlueChip Picks with Mass Street Logo

Introducing New Harmony Amps

We’re excited to have a fresh batch of the new Series 6 amps in from Harmony Guitars. We have both the H620 and the H605 in stock, which feature a 12″ and 8″ speakers respectively. Tube amp tone with player-friendly features like built-in reverb and an attenuator round out these retro-inspired amps. Check out our entire Harmony lineup on the website. Continue reading Introducing New Harmony Amps

Mythos Mjolnir – A shop fav

Finding a good transparent overdrive feels at times like an epic adventure, getting lost in all the different versions and tweaks and hype. Enter the mighty Mjolnir from our friends over at Mythos Pedals, which features a versatile circuit enabling this classic sound to work well with almost any rig or amp. Check it out over on the website, we have them in stock and … Continue reading Mythos Mjolnir – A shop fav