Fairfield Circuitry ~900

New pedal alert from the crew at Fairfield Circuitry! The ~900 (pronounced “about nine-hundred”) is a full-flavored fuzz with a sparkle-y top-end. Tons of usable tones are on tap with input and bias controls functioning together to produce spitting tones or silky sustain. More of a rangemaster than a big muff, this small enclosure can take care of most every player’s fuzz needs while still … Continue reading Fairfield Circuitry ~900

Repair Spotlight: Old ways – Best ways

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. While we pride ourselves on having some of the latest and greatest tools in the repair toolkit, including our PLEK machine, there are definite advantages to the control that comes from hand tools.⁠⁠Here, Mass Street Luthier Trey Durkin drills holes for banjo spikes with a hand-crank drill. This allows for getting to get to just the right … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Old ways – Best ways

August 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle Ralston – Mythos Pedals – Oracle Analog EchoBased off the Japanese echo pedals of the ’80’s, Mythos created a super useable and bare bones analog delay. The Oracle blends articulated repeats nicely with the perfect amount of modulation to where it doesn’t loose any definition or sound too “syrupy”! It’s a traditional type of delay build and very easy to use. Boasting up to 600ms … Continue reading August 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Spaceman Delta II – Now Shipping

Hot off the Fedex truck we have the new Spaceman Effects Delta II Harmonic Tremolo. This style of tremolo is one of our shop favorites and we’re excited to put this new version from the Spacemen crew through it’s paces. Link in the bio. Order today and we’ll have these shipped out by tomorrow at the latest. Oh and check out all three colors!  Continue reading Spaceman Delta II – Now Shipping

Bourgeois 00-12 The Coupe

Bourgeois “The Coupe”

This Bourgeois Guitars 00-12 is a souped-up 12-Fret guitar with vintage appeal and appointments. Featuring an Adirondack spruce top, paired with an Indian Rosewood back and sides, “The Coupe” model takes the traditional 14-Fret 00 shape and shifts the bridge back. One of the benefits of this shape, 12-fret neck and scale length is that it puts the right hand directly over the sound-hole making … Continue reading Bourgeois “The Coupe”