May 2024 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Brian Soden – Xotic Effect Pedals – EP Booster 15th Anniversary Limited Blue
Wow, time flies! I remember when we received our very first batch of EP Boosters 15 years ago. I’m pretty sure all of us on the sales team bought one that day! These two limited colorways to commemorate the 15th Anniversary of the EP Booster look stellar and inside it’s the same classic EP we know and love. Excellent as an “always on” pixie dust sprinkle for your tone or crank it to hit the front end of your amp!

Xotic Effect Pedals - EP Booster 15th Anniversary Limited Blue

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Jim Baggett – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1953 00-17 – Used
This is a great sounding, lightly-braced vintage 00-17 that really sings.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1953 00-17 - Used

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Jack Bryan – Wren and Cuff Effects Pedals – The Good One
As you may have guessed from the name, this is in fact a good one. Based on a particularly exceptionally voiced triangle big muff, this is a fuzz pedal that manages to be both clean and dirty all at once. Individual notes don’t get lost in the sea of fuzz, making chords sound massive and clear while still sounding absolutely gnarly. It’s rare to find a fuzz pedal with this much character and musicality in one package, so make sure to give it a try if you’re ever in the store.

Wren and Cuff Effects Pedals - The Good One

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Marnie Orville – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1935 0-17 “Black Cat”
Being the biggest of Neutral Milk Hotel fans, I’ve been in love with the sound of the 0-17 for a long time. So you could imagine my excitement when this piece came to the sales floor. Beautiful clear tone with a punchy mid range. I like to call this one “Big Cat” because of its high head room, this kitty can roar like no other. Such a unique little instrument.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1935 0-17 Black Cat

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Mike Horan – Bourgeois Mandolins – M5A – Aged Tone
This instrument has that dry punchy tone that I always look for in a good mandolin. Thick and loud! The craftsmanship is excellent as well, as you would expect from a Bourgeois.

Bourgeois Mandolins - M5A - Aged Tone

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Matt Harmon – Fender Electric Guitars – Vintera II – Nocaster – Maple Fingerboard – Blackguard Blonde
A great no frills tele. Fender Mexico has stepped up.

Fender Electric Guitars - Vintera II - Nocaster - Maple Fingerboard - Blackguard Blonde

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Isaiah Sibi – Eastman Acoustic Guitars – E6OMTC – Thermo Cured – Natural

The E6OMTC’s thermo-cured top gives you the fullness, warmth, and maturity that a well seasoned vintage guitar would have. Thermo-curing is the process of heating the wood without oxygen which removes the moisture and oils, giving the instrument that sought after vintage sound fresh out of the case. This instrument feels and sounds great, excellent for picking or fingerstyle playing alike.

Eastman Acoustic Guitars - E6OMTC - Thermo Cured - Natural

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Matt KappenmanCollings Acoustic Guitars – D2H
The standard series Collings models deliver the sound that made Collings famous. We ordered up this D2H without any fancy appointments or specs in an attempt to keep the costs down, while still being a fantastic sounding, lifetime guitar. The Sitka spruce top on this one is incredible and the straight grain rosewood on the back and sides is a reminder of the high-quality tonewoods coming out of the Collings shop. A fantastic guitar that has the sound.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D2H

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