February 2024 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Brian Soden – Dr. Z Amps – X-Ray 1×12 Combo
Dr. Z has been keeping our shop stocked over the years with some of our favorite amps such as the Z-28 MKII and the Jetta. The new X-Ray not only looks cool, but it sounds and feels under the fingers like a true vintage amp! It covers the British Invasion base like a champ and would sound right at home in any Americana-Rock mix. I’m super happy with it!

Dr. Z Amps - X-Ray 1x12 Combo

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Jim Baggett – Gibson Acoustic Guitars – 1952 SJ
Great example of an early ’50s, scalloped tone bar SJ.

Gibson Acoustic Guitars - 1952 SJ

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Jack Bryan – Tom Anderson Guitars – Pro Am – Black over Corvette Yellow – In Distress Lv3
This guitar just screams cool. Loud, fun to play, great tone, sweet finish, a floyd rose bridge, it’s got it all. Words can only do it so much justice, so I encourage anyone who’s able to to come try this thing out. You won’t regret it!

Tom Anderson Guitars - Pro Am - Black over Corvette Yellow - In Distress Lv3

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Marnie Orville – ODE Banjos – Magician – 11″ Open Back Banjo – Wooden Armrest
As a part of my new year’s resolution I’ve started learning banjo, something I’ve wanted to do for a while now and finally have the means to do. After playing all the ones we have in the store and getting an idea of what I want to play, this 11″ Ode Magician stands out to me. Along with its beautiful mellow tone, having a scooped fretboard as well as a wooden armrest make for comfortable long playing.

ODE Banjos - Magician - 11 Open Back Banjo - Wooden Armrest

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Mike Horan – Taylor Acoustic Guitars – 2023 812e-N Grand Concert – Used
This little classical is so much fun to play, has a comfortable neck and sounds great plugged in too. Great buy on a barely used model.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 2023 812e-N Grand Concert - Used

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Isaiah Sibi – Fairbanks Guitars – F-35 – Aged Sunburst Finish
I was very impressed with how well this guitar represented a played-in vintage instrument. The low end is enormously deep while also maintaining a sparkling high end, which paired with the even and quick string response allows for each note and chord to be incredibly satisfying, allowing the instrument to excel in whatever way you play it. This guitar will certainly age well.

Fairbanks Guitars - F-35 - Aged Sunburst Finish

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Susan Willits – Ellis Mandolins – 2022 A5 Special
It’s always a treat when we have a nice used mandolin in the store! This Ellis A5 Special is a lovely mandolin, with a very sweet, round tone. Easy to play, and hard to stop playing, they don’t come any cleaner than this one! Made with premium grade Sugar Maple, an oil varnish sunburst finish and it comes with a Calton case. It’s a winner all the way around!

Ellis Mandolins - 2022 A5 Special

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Matt KappenmanCollings Acoustic Guitars – D1A T – Traditional Series
The D1AT continues to be my favorite acoustic guitar being made today. I play mine every night and it continues to open up and sounds better with time and play. The one we currently have in stock, dare I say, has an even more direct and focused fundamental than mine, that really rings out and makes for a fantastic flatpicking-fiddle-tune box. This is truly a lifetime guitar.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1A T - Traditional Series

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