Repair Spotlight: Herringbone Headstock Repair – Byron Berline – Part I

Jim’s been working on the great Byron Berline’s guitars for years. As many of you know Byron’s shop, Double Stop Fret Shop, suffered a devastating fire last year, with many of the instruments destroyed or suffering damage beyond repair. Thankfully this herringbone survived, but did not make it out unscathed. This late ’30s Martin D-28 had previously suffered a break in the headstock which had been repaired by another luthier and had been holding up well. Unfortunately the heat of the fire weakened the glue joint causing the repair to fail. The good news is Jim was able to remove the headstock veneer cleanly which will allow access to both sides of the break, making the glue-up process that much easier. We’ll be following along with Jim’s progress throughout this repair, and it’s an honor to be able to help put things back together for our friend Byron.

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