Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

Plek Machine making calibration test cuts

Matt and Mike up in our repair shop spent the morning yesterday installing a new fret cutter head in our PLEK machine. This is a fairly routine procedure in which the old head is removed and sent back to PLEK for sharpening and a new one is installed, and then meticulously calibrated in order to maintain the accuracy of our PLEK fret dresses. Check out the video for a super close up look of the guys making some test cuts with the new cutter head along with some photos of the install process. #getplekd #guitarrepair #luthier

We periodically replace the cutter head on our Plek machine to maintain quality
Mass Stree luthier Matt H installing the new cutter head into the Plek
The cutter head on our Plek Machine features three profiles for different shaped frets
The calibration unit is installed temporarily in order to setup the new cutter head
Luthiers Matt and Mike work through the calibration scans in order to dial the Plek in

2 thoughts on “Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

    1. Hi Michael,

      Generally speaking a PLEK fret dress runs around $200 and that includes a setup. Locking tremolos require a bit more setup time and run $250. Thanks!

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