Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

Matt and Mike up in our repair shop spent the morning yesterday installing a new fret cutter head in our PLEK machine. This is a fairly routine procedure in which the old head is removed and sent back to PLEK for sharpening and a new one is installed, and then meticulously calibrated in order to maintain the accuracy of our PLEK fret dresses. Check out … Continue reading Repair Spotlight – PLEK Machine – Cutter head Calibration

Meet the Plek Livestream

PLEK Livestream Archive

Recently Mass Street luthiers Mike and Matt performed a PLEK scan and fret dress live over on Facebook. We had a little bit of a networking lapse at first, but check out the archive of the PLEK livestream including the virtual fret dress and live fret cutting. Looking to have your instrument PLEK’d? Check out our repair shop page for more information about getting in touch. Continue reading PLEK Livestream Archive

Meet the Plek Machine at Mass Street Music

Meet the Plek Machine

If you’ve been up to the shop in the past few months you’ve probably noticed the latest addition in our lutherie toolbox, the Plek Machine. What is a Plek you may ask? For starters, it’s a tool, an extremely accurate tool. Like an MRI or CT Scan of your guitar, the Plek machine scans an instrument’s frets and fingerboard, and presents that data to our trained crew … Continue reading Meet the Plek Machine