Introducing New Harmony Amps

We’re excited to have a fresh batch of the new Series 6 amps in from Harmony Guitars. We have both the H620 and the H605 in stock, which feature a 12″ and 8″ speakers respectively. Tube amp tone with player-friendly features like built-in reverb and an attenuator round out these retro-inspired amps. Check out our entire Harmony lineup on the website. Continue reading Introducing New Harmony Amps

Mythos Mjolnir – A shop fav

Finding a good transparent overdrive feels at times like an epic adventure, getting lost in all the different versions and tweaks and hype. Enter the mighty Mjolnir from our friends over at Mythos Pedals, which features a versatile circuit enabling this classic sound to work well with almost any rig or amp. Check it out over on the website, we have them in stock and … Continue reading Mythos Mjolnir – A shop fav

Fairfield Circuitry ~900

New pedal alert from the crew at Fairfield Circuitry! The ~900 (pronounced “about nine-hundred”) is a full-flavored fuzz with a sparkle-y top-end. Tons of usable tones are on tap with input and bias controls functioning together to produce spitting tones or silky sustain. More of a rangemaster than a big muff, this small enclosure can take care of most every player’s fuzz needs while still … Continue reading Fairfield Circuitry ~900

Repair Spotlight: Old ways – Best ways

Sometimes the old ways are the best ways. While we pride ourselves on having some of the latest and greatest tools in the repair toolkit, including our PLEK machine, there are definite advantages to the control that comes from hand tools.⁠⁠Here, Mass Street Luthier Trey Durkin drills holes for banjo spikes with a hand-crank drill. This allows for getting to get to just the right … Continue reading Repair Spotlight: Old ways – Best ways

Collings CJ-45

New Sitka CJ-45 Collings

This traditional series CJ-45 is something else. Collings has delivered a redesigned traditional model fashioned after some of the best banner-era models. Dry, focused mid-range, with more a fundamental response and a quicker fall off, this slope-shoulder sounds fantastic. Now we’ll be up front, the neck profile on this guitar is not for everyone. If you’ve ever played a Wartime banner you know how full … Continue reading New Sitka CJ-45 Collings