Gibson Guitars - 1951 SJ

1951 Gibson SJ – Gorgeous Vintage Fine

This 1951 Gibson SJ is something else. With an even tonal response across the fingerboard, it can handle country strumming to more aggressive flatpicking, to fingerstyle and everything in between. These vintage slope-shoulder guitars are often thought of as great recording guitars, and this one is no different. The gorgeous burst, small pickguard, reverse belly bridge and parallelogram inlays are all appointments that really make … Continue reading 1951 Gibson SJ – Gorgeous Vintage Fine

Dr. Z - Z-28 MKII Amp

New Z-28 MKII from Dr. Z

The Z-28 is back, and better than ever! Longtime Dr. Z fans will remember the original EF-86 based Z-28, and it’s back after a complete bottom up redesign, but that same Dr. Z attention to detail and quality. The redesign brings the now familiar Master Volume/Volume controls that we’ve come to love on the Maz 18/Z-Wreck Jrs, making this MKII build a fantastic stage amp, … Continue reading New Z-28 MKII from Dr. Z

Iris Guitars - DF Smeck

Iris Guitars – DF Smeck

This DF Smeck model from Iris Guitars features a slope-shoulder body, paired with a 12-Fret neck. Changing where the neck meets the body makes for a very comfortable player, placing the right hand in an ideal playing position relative to the sound hole, and makes for a more comfortable reach when playing down in first position. Here with their stunning Tobacco Burst finish, this DF … Continue reading Iris Guitars – DF Smeck