June 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle RalstonPedal Pawn – Chicken Quiff – Tremolo
What a great pedal if you are looking for a tremolo style effect with tons of vibe and character. The rate button cuts the speed in half giving a really nice Leslie effect. The Quiff is an excellent representation patterned after the Diaz Tremodillo with an added pulsing light, and it’s 1/3 of the price of the original.

Nobody else seems to be doing this one but Pedal Pawn, and the guys from the UK completely knock it out of the park.

Pedal Pawn - Chicken Quiff - Tremolo

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Jim Baggett – Martin Guitars – 1940 000-18
The guitar in no way looks like an 82-year-old guitar, it’s been carefully played and only received professional high quality adjustments.

Martin Guitars - 1940 000-18

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Matt Pelsma – ODE Banjos – Magician – 12″ Open Back Banjo – Wooden Armrest
We have been waiting for these banjos for so long, it’s incredible to play and hold in real life! These simple designs really show the craftsmanship and detail known from the OME company. ODE’s are here!

ODE Banjos - Magician - 12 Open Back Banjo - Wooden Armrest

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Brian Soden – Fender Electric Guitars – JV Modified ’60s Custom Telecaster – Firemist Gold
We received two incredible JV Modified Teles recently and they’re both stellar, but this particular guitar has been shouting my name. It’s super resonant, lightweight and the fit/finish is perfect. Such an amazing guitar at any price. And who doesn’t love double binding on a Telecaster?!

Tungsten Amps - Mosaic 8 Combo

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Mike Horan – Collings Guitars – D1 Traditional T Series
An excellent sounding example of Collings’ take on the classic vintage dreadnought. Powerful yet approachable, it remains balanced across the entire sonic spectrum. As a bonus, Collings’ eye for detail is unsurpassed.

Collings Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series

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Matt Harmon – Universal Audio Effect Pedals – Starlight Echo Station
Once I plugged this pedal in I instantly came up with 3 new riffs. I love it when a pedal is so good sounding I don’t end up messing too much with it and song ideas just pop out.

Universal Audio Effect Pedals - Starlight Echo Station

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Isaiah Sibi – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars – J-M
A powerful sound with a wonderfully comfortable feel. This guitar gives a warm, full tone when voicing chords and allows for a bright crisp sound when picking away at melodies. It would be easy to get lost for hours in an instrument like this.

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - J-M

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Susan Willits – Collings Mandolins – 2014 MF5 – Used
We have a 2014 Collings MF5 in the store and it’s a joy to play! It’s a beauty and has been very well cared for, and as with all Collings instruments, the construction and finish are top notch. It’s ready and waiting to be someone’s favorite mandolin!

Collings Mandolins - 2014 MF5 - Used

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Matt KappenmanTom Anderson Guitars – Icon Classic Shorty – Burgundy Mist
Strat-style vibes with an amazing finish, and the added twist of a shorter-scale length makes this an interesting build. I plugged it in to test a pedal the other day and couldn’t stop playing it, the new very quiet hum-canceling system sounds fantastic, and really brings out the single-coil tone.

Tom Anderson Guitars - Icon Classic Shorty - Burgundy Mist

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