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October 2022 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle RalstonTom Anderson Guitars – Icon Classic In-Distress – Level 0 – Bullitt Green
This Tom Anderson Icon Classic in Bullitt Green is as close to cool as the ’68 Mustang Steve McQueen drove in the movie as a guitar can get. It’s a nitro finish, distress level 0, meaning, the finish is ultra thin and is barely starting to break in. It will check and age over time taking on the players style and personality. Under the hood are a couple of VA7’s and a MC3 mini humbucker for the bridge. Push/push knob allows neck and bridge to run together. It’s a do it all in one guitar! Finally what sets it off for me, is the matching Bullitt Green Headstock. Super classy and fast guitar just like the car that proceeded it.

Tom Anderson Guitars - Icon Classic In-Distress - Level 0 - Bullitt Green

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Jim Baggett – Collings Guitars – 2004 000-42 Baaa G – Used
Beautiful Brazilian rosewood on this really elegant, 000 Collings.

Collings Guitars - 2004 000-42 Baaa G - Used

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Matt Pelsma – Pisgah Banjos – 11″ Wonder Short Scale
The Wonder is the perfect mix of high-quality craftsmanship and warm, old-time sound. One of my favorite banjos I have ever played!

Pisgah Banjos - 11

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Brian Soden – Tungsten Amps – Mosaic 8″ Combo – MSM Special Edition
Our relationship with Tungsten Amps goes back so many years that I can’t even remember when I ordered our first batch. Let’s just say I had less gray hair in my beard back then! Adam is such a great friend of the store and we’re so stoked to have our very own Mass Street Music signature Tungsten amp! I may be biased, but this model is my favorite yet.

Tungsten Amps - Mosaic 8 Combo - MSM Special Edition

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Mike Horan – Collings Guitars – 2015 CJ-35 Sunburst – Used
A great condition CJ35, Collings’ take on the veritable Gibson slope-shoulder model. This guitar has a smoky tone reminiscent of the best Gibsons while maintaining the power and attention to detail we’ve come to expect from Collngs. Fantastic sound!

Collings Guitars - 2015 CJ-35 Sunburst - Used

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Matt Harmon – Silktone – Fuzz

A very fun and versatile fuzz pedal that takes the traditional Fuzz Face circuit and adds new life with some modern features. Having a digital readout of the actual bias, a clean knob which is like pre-setting your volume knob on your guitar, having the ability to place it anywhere on your board, and having a center negative power jack are all really well executed and make this pedal a must try for anybody that likes a little fuzz on their face.

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Isaiah Sibi – Kala Ukuleles – KA-PWC Pacific Walnut Concert Uke
Great size and comfortable neck for finger placement, this instrument packs some good volume and has a great balance between a punchy chop and warm, sweet tone. Speaking as more of a rhythm player myself, this Uke will be great for backing vocals, and other instruments. With the easy to play neck, it will work just as well for noting melodies and solo play.

Kala Ukuleles - KA-PWC Pacific Walnut Concert Uke

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Susan Willits – Bourgeois Mandolins – M5A – Aged Tone
We have our first Bourgeois M5A mandolin in the store and it’s a treat to play. Built with an Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce top and Aged Tone European Maple back and sides, this mando has a sweet sound, with some nice, growly punch on the chops.

Bourgeois Mandolins - M5A - Aged Tone

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Matt KappenmanFender Electric Guitars – Vintera ’50s Stratocaster – Seafoam
This seafoam green Vintera Strat delivers some serious vintage vibes.

Fender Electric Guitars - Vintera '50s Stratocaster - Seafoam

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