January 2023 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Kyle RalstonJAM Pedals – Pink Flow
The Jam Pink Flow is quite literally, a “Wall” of sound to go full on Gilmore that will launch you to the Dark Side of the Moon. You have eight unbelievable Jam effects in one platform to dial in an “Endless River” of any Pink Floyd song you desire, among others! There are so many features and easy editing possibilities, you’ll be “Meddling” with this pedal board all day long, with friends or your favorite “Animals.” We “Wish You Were Here” to give this unique and highly usable multi FX pedal “The Works.” So don’t be “Obscured by Clouds,” or have a “Momentary Lapse of Reason” and c’mon down. The Pink Flow’s “Delicate Sound of Thunder” is waiting for you at Mass Street Music.

JAM Pedals - Pink Flow

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Jim Baggett – Collings Guitars – 2004 000-42 Baaa G – Used
A fine example of a small-body Collings with high-end appointments, and tonewood upgrades. A beautiful set of Brazilian Rosewood on the back and sides.

Collings Guitars - 2004 000-42 Baaa G - Used

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Matt Pelsma – Suhr Guitars – Mateus Asato Signature Series Classic Antique – Shell Pink
This is a wonderful stratocaster. Pure joy to play and to listen. The trem arm feels fluid and ready for unbound playing.

Suhr Guitars - Mateus Asato Signature Series Classic Antique - Shell Pink

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Brian Soden – Collings Electric Guitars – City Limits – Jet Black
Whether you’re in a tux playing a jazz gig or wearing a leather jacket in front of a wall of British amps, this City Limits is equally at home. And you’ll look cool doing it! The tone is magic through the old 1965 Pro Reverb we currently have in the shop. Fat, rich and clear. I also gave it a run through the Pittman Rockhill 5e3 we just received. Pure Americana Rock dirt with a top end clarity to cut through any mix. God, I love this guitar…

Collings Electric Guitars - City Limits - Jet Black

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Mike Horan – Fairbanks Guitars – F-35 12-Fret – Roy Smeck Sunburst
Very excited to have one of Dale Fairbanks’ exquisite instruments in the store again! This F-35 totally nails the vintage slope D sound and feel and has beautifully flamed maple binding as an upgrade. Very nice instrument.

Fairbanks Guitars - F-35 12-Fret - Roy Smeck Sunburst

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Matt Harmon – Greer Amps – Soma 63 Vintage Preamp
The Soma 63 is super versatile. From slight coloration, boost, overdrive, to full on fuzz this pedal can get the “Brown Panel Era” Fender tones we all want.

Greer Amps - Soma 63 Vintage Preamp

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Isaiah Sibi – Iris Guitars – OG – Black – Ivoroid with Firestripe Guard
Loving this awesome quality Iris guitar hand crafted in Burlington, Vermont, where all Iris’ are made. The firestripe pickguard and ivoroid binding is unique, and memorable. This instrument has a satisfying, fierce low end that would make an excellent backup tool for old time and roots style jam sessions.

Yamaha Electric Guitars - Revstar - RSS02T - Swift Blue

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Susan Willits – Gretsch Ukuleles – G9112 Resonator Uke
If you love playing ukulele, but feel like you’d enjoy something different, try the Gretsch G9112 Resonator Ukulele. I love the way this looks and plays, thanks to the 6″ biscuit resonator cone. How fun is that?!! It could open up a whole new world!

Gretsch Ukuleles - G9112 Resonator Uke

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Matt KappenmanGibson Guitars – 1935 L-5 Archtop
This vintage L-5 Archtop has the sound. While filming Mike’s marvelous demo of the guitar it was such a treat to hear this 16″ build being played in the musical style it was designed for at the time. Whether it’s a vintage L-5 being played in a dance band, or in Mother Maybelle’s style, or a more modern interpretation, this smaller, earlier version of the L-5 is one of my all-time favorite acoustic archtops.

Gibson Guitars - 1935 L-5 Archtop

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