Chris Thile and Jim Baggett at Mass Street Music

Chris Thile and the Punch Bros. Visit Mass Street Music

Yesterday, Monday, Nov. 24, we got a real treat at Mass Street Music when Chris Thile, mandolinist extraordinaire (formerly of Nickel Creek), stopped by Mass Street Music, along with his band, the Punch Brothers.

Chris Thile and Jim Baggett at Mass Street Music Martin D-28

Owner Jim Baggett has known Chris for years, since his early days playing Winfield (Thile won the mando championship there at the tender age of twelve). The Punch Brothers had just performed the previous night at the Granada – an outstanding show. The band clustered in Jim’s office for a bit, checking out some instruments. Before long, these beautiful songs started pouring out of his office, including a great rendition of “Wildwood Flower”. Thile had a great time checking out some of Jim’s personal guitars, including the 1932 Martin D-28 he’s playing in the photo here.

Chris Thile with a 1932 Martin D-28

Chris working the D-28

While here he also checked out the D’Angelico mandolin and the Martin’36 D-18 and ’37 D-18. These fellows are talented beyond measure (and were kind enough to pose for a few pics!) Check them out online at and be sure to catch them if they’re in your area.

The Punch Brothers at Mass Street Music

The Punch Brothers

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