November 2013 Staff Gear Picks

Josh BaldridgeTom Anderson Raven
We’ve taken a lot of special order custom builds for Andersons this year, so it’s always a treat for us to have a beautiful guitar like this available for our store stock. The Raven is a totally new model, right down to the PH1 & PH2 pickups – which sound great even as you roll off the volume for some clean/vintage tones. A big thanks to Tom Anderson and crew for another great guitar!

Anderson Raven electric guitar blue

Matching headstock too? This Anderson Raven is as smooth as they come.

Jim Baggett
CJ35 German Top Natural & CJ35 German Top Burst

The new CJ 35s with German Spruce tops are equally great. One is a natural top and the other a beautiful sunburst like only Collings can do. Each time you feel that one is the favorite, the other steps up. Really nice guitars!

Collings CJ acoustic German top burst finish

Collings CJ acoustic German top natural finish guitar

A pair of Collings CJ35 acoustics – both with German Spruce tops

Eric Putnam
Fralin Pure PAF Pickups7.5k & 8.5k
I just had Matt H. put a set of these PAFs in my Les Paul and they sound incredible. I wanted to get that articulate, bright, late fifties Les Paul tone and these pickups nailed it. I went with the 7.5 in the neck and the 8.5 in the bridge, which gave me plenty of output, but without being too hot. They have plenty of chime when you’re playing through a clean amp and stay tight and articulate when you throw on some gain.

Fralin Pure PAF nickel guitar pickup

Fralin’s PAF – 7.5k & 8.5k make a great pair

Eric Mardis
Collings CJ35 German Top Natural
This is an amazing instrument any way you look at it. Plays beautifully, GREAT sound, pristine. I wish it were mine!

Collings CJ acoustic German top natural finish full guitar

Eric M & Jim agree this Collings CJ35 with a pristine German Spruce top is one of the best

Ted Kritikos
Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Pedal
I love the sound of an Echoplex as much as the next guy, but owning one is almost as much work as raising a child. I’ll take the digital version, thank you, and this is the best one I’ve ever heard.

Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo guitar effects pedal

The Strymon El Cap – Ted gives this digital Tape Echo a big thumbs up

Matt Harmon
Seuf OH20 Black
This month was a no-brainer, this OH20 Seuf is by far the coolest tele in the store. The neck feels great in your hand and the single ply 60s bound style body looks great.

Seuf OH20 electric guitar black relic

Seuf OH20!

Anne TangemanErnie Ball MM Silhouette
This guitar just has a great feel to it – it’s got a definite heft but not too heavy at just over 6 lbs. The neck feels great and I love the classic burst. The pickups have been hotrodded too with some Muy Grandes put in, so it’s a hot one.

Ernie Ball Silhouette electric guitar burst finish

Used Ernie Ball Silhouette hot rodded with Muy Grande pickups!


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