December 2014 MSM Staff Gear Picks

Marshall MGCFX 15 watt ampWhile the staff has been wrangling holiday ornaments and decorating the store, we’ve also had our eye on a few spectacular instruments and gear, including a few perfect for first time players – here are our last staff gear picks for 2014!

Josh BaldridgeTaylor 214ce SB Deluxe Acoustic
This 214 is a lot of guitar for the price – classic, old school tobacco burst finish, Taylor ES-T electronic and a great sound with really nice balance. 

taylor 214ce SB acoustic
Josh loves this classic looking, big sounding Taylor 214ce Sunburst

Jim BaggettCollings 001 Mh Mahogany Acoustic
This has a really great even, balanced tone. It’s one of those guitars you just find yourself wanting to not put down because it just sounds so great.

collings 001 Mh Mahogany acoustic guitar
Jim favors this all Mahogany Collings 001 Mh guitar that won’t leave your hands

Eric MardisMarshall JCM 900 Amp Head
I bought one of these heads in 1989 and traded it in 1994 for the JCM 900 100w 2×12 Combo. I’ve always sort of missed the head even though I’ve got the exact same circuit in my combo. I also have a JCM 900 4×12 cab and a 1922 2×12 extension cab.  Needless to say, I’m a big fan of the JCM 900 series and I am super excited to have these classic amps in the store. I’ve been rocking Marshall JCM 900s for 25 years.  Wow, I’m old.

marshall jcm 900 4100 amp head

A classic that Eric M. has been a fan of for 25 years, the Marshall JCM 900 joins our amp offerings

Eric PutnamMarshall MG15CFX Amp
Great practice amp. Cool effects even has an octave down effect. It has 4 channels, and for such a small amp it sounds huge. Also its a Marshall!

marshall mg15cfx 15 watt amp with effects
Eric P. is taken with the cool effects that are built into Marshall’s MG15 CFX amp

Ted KritikosGretsch Jet Club Electric 
This guitar would be a deal at twice the price. Great tone, classy looks, and smooth playability make this a great first electric guitar.

gretsch jet club electric in black
Ted’s all about the new powerful and priced right Gretsch Jet Club electric!

Mike HoranCollings D1A VN Acoustic
I like to think of the Collings D1A VN as the standard by which all other guitars are measured. This particular one (S/N 22990) is an excellent specimen, providing all the bass response, volume, and high-end clarity a person could desire. I really like the way the Vintage Neck fits my hand, substantial yet well-contoured.

This Collings D1A VN captured luthier Mike H.’s attentions with its perfect tone & great Vintage Now neck

Mike RunyonKala KA-8 8 String Uke 
Easy as a uke to play, with a unique and full sound.

Kala KA-8 8 string ukulele

Luthier Mike Runyon was swayed by this lush sounding Kala KA-8 8 stringed uke 

Susan WillitsTaylor BT1 Baby Taylor Acoustic
This is the perfect starter guitar for your potential child prodigy! 

Susan favors this Baby Taylor, BT1 – fantastic starter or travel acoustic that is the real deal

Thomas HammGrosh P4 Bass
Roger Waters may be the greatest songwriter of all time, and with this Don Grosh P4 Bass you feel fully capable of doing everything he did. Seriously the best bass I’ve ever played.

don grosh p4 bass in black
Thomas has been hankering for this rare Grosh P4 Bass – the best bass he’s ever played!

Anne TangemanFender Blacktop Strat HSH Titanium Electric
This is simply a killer rock guitar – and it’s got a metallic finish. Personally, I think you can’t go wrong with a humbucker-single-humbucker combination. Definitely goes to 11. Turn it up!

fender blacktop strat hsh guitar titanium finish
Anne picked this powerful and sleek Fender Blacktop Strat HSH 

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