January 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special – Navy
I am a big fan of this mid-priced, budget bass. It provides you with versatility for any environment from practicing to recording. The active electronics and noiseless pickups allows for shaping the tone, while avoiding any unwanted 60 cycle hum. I wish Fender would use this color more often, because the dark metallic Navy looks so elegant.

Fender Deluxe Active Precision Bass Special - Navy

Josh with an extremely versatile P-bass from Fender!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – OM1AV
It doesn’t get more classic than this – build by one of our favorite modern makers. The OM body shape is one of the most versatile guitars we carry, making this an excellent lifetime guitar.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM1AV

Handcrafted, vintage inspired – it’s easy to see/hear why we love Collings! 

Eric Mardis – Collings Acoustic Guitars – CJ EIR – Western Shaded Top
I’ll admit that I was first drawn in by this guitar’s lovely aesthetics. I’m a fan of the Western Shaded sunburst and it looks stunning on the CJ shape. The rich East Indian rosewood of the back and sides is a perfect compliment to this top. As nice as this guitar looks, it is the sound of the thing that seals the deal. Nice big lows that stay tight with a heavy hand, with plenty of top end sparkle. This is a fantastic instrument that leaves just the right space for the human voice – a singer/songwriter’s dream guitar. The guitar is powerful with nice headroom when hit hard, but this sitka spruce top also responds well to a light touch and sounds great with light strumming and fingerstyle. Another outstanding guitar from Collings that will be a lifetime partner for the right artist or guitar enthusiast.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - CJ EIR - Western Shaded Top

Eric M’s picked out a visual stunner from Collings!

Eric PutnamSeuf Electric Guitars – OH-20 – Translucent White
This OH-20 is great example of Dave’s work. It is very light, and extremely resonant. I am a big fan of the Fralin Blues Special in the bridge and the Lollar Special T in the neck. I have the same pickups in my personal OH-20. The Fralin offers a bit more bite, and mid-range than the typical tele bridge pickup. Great guitar!i

  Seuf Electric Guitars - OH-20 - Translucent White

Get that Eric P tone with your own Seuf OH-20!

Matt Pelsma – Analog Outfitters – “Porsche” Sarge Amp – Dark Gray
Simple, vintage vibe-y, to the point.  I am always impressed with how rich of a guitar tone the folks at Analog Outfitters can get from old Hammond parts.  Also, what other amp head looks like this??  This amp head has a seriously way cool custom feel.

 Analog Outfitters - "Porsche" Sarge Amp - Dark Gray

Check out the demo video with Matt P and Analog Outfitters!

Mike Horan –  Fishman Amps – Loudbox Performer
I don’t usually perform with an amp, but when I’ve needed to, the Loudbox Performer has been very easy to use and has a fantastically natural sound. I’ve had good success using it with either pickups or live mics.

Fishman Amps - Loudbox Performer

Mike H with a gig-tested pick!

Matt Harmon – Gibson Amps – 1963 Skylark GA-5T
Wow, what a stunner! This vintage amp comes in under $500 and is a great amp to have in the home recording arsenal.

 Gibson Amps - 1963 Skylark GA-5T

Stop by the store and check out Matt H’s favorite new couch guitar!

Trey DurkinBanjos – Banjos – Banjos!
There are too many fantastic banjos in right now to pick just one!

We’ve got everything from high end custom Ome banjos to starter pack banjos (which will be great for a beginner after the free setup!) Whether you prefer 11″ or 12″, cherry, maple, walnut, fretted or fretless, we’ve got something for you! The repair guys can install railroad spikes on your fretboard, combined with one of our great capos (I love my paige) allowing for easy key changes. There are also several great books in the store for every one from beginners to experienced players looking for a new challenge. My personal favorite is “Round Peak Style Clawhammer Banjo” from Brad Leftwitch/Mel Bay.

Open-back Banjos at Mass Street Music

Trey’s been bit by the banjo bug! 

Susan Willits – Herb Taylor – 2008 Mandola
This Herb Taylor Mandola is a great instrument. It has a warm, very full tone with sustain that just won’t quit! Also noteworthy is the beautiful inlay with wonderful coloring. You can’t go wrong with this one.

Herb Taylor - 2008 Mandola
Susan’s picked a truly unique Mandola from Luthier Herb Taylor!

Thomas HammGibson Electric Guitars – 1971 Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop
Hard to argue with a gold-topped Les Paul. Wail away!

Gibson Electric Guitars - 1971 Les Paul Deluxe Goldtop

Can’t argue with that logic – wail away!  
Matt KappenmanDon Grosh Electric Guitars – Retro Classic Hollow T Standard LE
There’s just something about the way these Grosh Hollow T’s resonant that I absolutely love. Combine that with the roundback neck profile and you’ve got a really smooth playing tele.

Don Grosh Electric Guitars - Retro Classic Hollow T Standard LE

Check out the sustain on this demo from Eric P!
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