June 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeCollings Electric Guitars – Used 290 – TV Yellow
Besides looking completely awesome, these guitars sound amazing. The Lollar P90s have a gritty edge to them that hits the amp with enough punch to drive the front end beautifully.

 Collings Electric Guitars - Used 290 - TV Yellow

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Jim Baggett – Gibson – 1938 Ray Whitley “Recording King”
Classic ’30s Gibson built model sold under the Recording King brand.

Gibson - 1938 Ray Whitley "Recording King" 

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Eric Mardis – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – Angel Player – Black
This guitar is like a Ferrari. Aggressive, perfectly balanced, wicked good looks, and an addictive high performance feel. This may be the ultimate stunt guitar!

 Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Angel Player - Black

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Eric PutnamCaroline Guitar Effect Pedals – Wave Cannon MKII Superdistorter
With as many drive pedals as we carry it can be easy to overlook a great pedal. Although we have carried the Wave Cannon for a while, I forgot how fun and great sounding this pedal is. It can go anywhere from a light drive to a wall of sound. Also the self osculation momentary switch is great for noise makin’.  

Caroline Guitar Effect Pedals - Wave Cannon MKII Superdistorter

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Matt Pelsma – Cusack Effects – Tap-A-Delay
One of the most useful utility delay pedals I have ever played. I don’t use a tap tempo function all too often, so having that switch double as a ramp to slow or speed up to a different delay speed is a great option! I would use this mostly for killer warm delays, but some of the outside modulation settings certainly have their place as well.

 Cusack Effects - Tap-A-Delay

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Mike Horan –  Waterloo by Collings – WL-K
“Best Little Guitar in Texas” Award.

Waterloo by Collings - WL-K

Short and sweet, Mike’s picked a new shop favorite from Collings! 

Matt Harmon – Wolfetone Legends Neck – Raw Nickel Cover
These are our top notch 50’s PAF humbucker replacements. Just listen to our recordings and decide for yourself. If its time to swap those stock PAF wannabees and get a pickup worthy of your guitar these Wolfetone Legends are it.

Wolfetone Legends Neck - Raw Nickel Cover - Braid

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Trey DurkinGibson Acoustic Guitars – 1936 L50 Archtop
This L50 has a fantastic tone that’s great for many genres, from Old-time rhythm to Jazz leads and everything in between. It might have the most comfortable neck ever? Well worn, like a hard ‘V’ that has been played so much it’s become a soft ‘V.’ Instantly feels like a familiar old friend.

Gibson Acoustic Guitars - 1936 L50 Archtop 

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Susan Willits – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars – NL
The figured maple back and sides are gorgeous and the full body sunburst makes it even more striking. This, as well as the tiger stripe pickguard and impressive inlay all combine to make this a very attractive guitar. The NL has a wonderful sound across the whole spectrum. Plenty of volume for playing in a band, or sounds lovely solo!

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - NL

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Matt KappenmanBart Reiter Banjos – Standard Open-Back
Summer means sitting out on the deck with a cold beverage and an instrument in hand. Lately, I can’t seem to put down is my Bart Reiter banjo for such backyard jams. This Standard is a fantastic combination of Bart’s no frills, vintage appearance with tried and true building techniques. There’s a reason he’s been doing this for over 35 years.

 Bart Reiter Banjos - Standard Open-Back

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