October 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeNew Fender Offset Electrics
These new Mustangs and Duo Sonics are fantastic! Since they showed up in the store a few weeks back, we have had a blast playing and talking to customers about them. I love having so many fun, short-scale instrument to offer at this price.

Fender Offset Series

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – D2H Madagascar Traditional T Series
The years of research and development that went into these traditional models has certainly paid off. This D2H Madagascar is a great example of the traditional look and sound.

Collings D2H Traditional T Series

Our Collings inventory is always changing – head on over to view the latest Collings Traditional Collection! 

Eric PutnamStomp Under Foot – Red Menace Fuzz
If you like Big Muff style fuzzes, but feel like they do not cut through a live mix you should check Red Menace out. The mid control helps you cut through, but manages to keep the tonality of the circuit in tact.

Red Menace

Eric’s a big fan of our entire lineup of Stomp Under Foot pedals!

Matt Pelsma – Taylor Acoustic Guitars – 2012 Custom TF Sinker Redwood Used
It’s simple and classic, but just alluringly different enough to make you double take at the sight of the redwood top. Also the sound is rich and has all the detail at low volumes one would want to share in close quarters. It’s a steal of a price for a custom order guitar!

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 2012 Custom TF Sinker Redwood Used

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Jade Rowland – Eastman Acoustic Guitars – E20SS
Vintage feel, look, and sound with a beautiful burst finish. Resonates in your chest and projects exactly like a dreadnought should.

Eastman E20SS at Mass Street Music

Head on over to give this one a listen for yourself!

Mike Horan – Collings Acoustic Guitars – D1 VN Sunburst
Particularly responsive for a new instrument this D1VN is tonally well balanced with a very dynamic attack. This reclaimed spruce top absolutely sings.

D1 VN Sunburst - Reclaimed Top wood

Head on over to give this one a listen for yourself!

Matt Harmon – TC Electronic – Polytune Clip
This is a great tuner, I use it every day in the shop tuning up guitars and checking intonation on acoustic instruments. Super accurate.

Polytune Tuner

This tuner has caught fire with the staff! More than one staff members picked it, but Matt H had dibs.

Trey DurkinMartin Acoustic Guitars – 2009 Custom 000-15 s
Punchy warm low-end, without sounding dull, and a full voice for a smaller body. This would be a great guitar for old-time rhythm style playing. Look out for those bass runs!

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 2009 Custom 000-15 s

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Susan Willits – Eastman Mandolins – MD505
Eastman is doing a great job of making attractive, easy to play instruments. This solid spruce/maple Eastman MD505 mandolin is no exception. I love the dark finished top and it plays great all the way up the neck. For $699 with a hard case you can’t go wrong!

Eastman MD505

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Matt KappenmanGibson Electric Guitars – 1980 ES-347 Used
There’s just something about an archtop. I love the way it feels, and I always seem to have something to musically say when I pick one up. This ES-347 has coil tap which makes it incredibly versatile from a tone standpoint.

Gibson Electric Guitars - 1980 ES-347 Used

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