May 2017 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTom Anderson Electric Guitars – Raven Classic Shorty – Surf Green
Can’t beat the quality and attention to detail from the crew over at Anderson. This Surf Green Raven is loaded with a quiet P90 in the neck and a Humbucker in the bridge for tons of tonal variations.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Raven Classic Shorty - Surf Green

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Jim Baggett – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1937 D-18
Pre-war, wide neck, advanced X braced D-18s are so rare it’s a real treat to have this one in the store. With the artfully repaired volume and tone holes in the top it actually makes this one a bargain.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1937 D-18 - SN 67842

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Eric PutnamFender Electric Guitars – Classic ’69 Telecaster – Blue Flower
This guitar has everything a good Tele should have. A big fat neck, an ashtray bridge, and plenty of twang. It also has a finish that will make you want to get in your flower power bus drive to your nearest hippy cowboy tailor. If you are not into spacemanhippycowboy madness, you can at least appreciate that this guitar will go with any stylish Hawaiian shirt you may be wearing at your neighbors annual summer bbq. Make all of your neighbors jealous of your jaw dropping country/jazz/hillbilly rock n roll licks, or at least of your stylish shirt/guitar combo!

Fender Electric Guitars - Classic '69 Telecaster - Blue Flower

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Matt Pelsma – Electro-Harmonix – Canyon Delay & Looper
You can never have too many delays, but this might be the only one you will ever need. For a multipurpose delay, this pedal has a small footprint at a great price. Also, it sounds great!

Electro-Harmonix - Canyon Delay & Looper

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Brian Soden – Xact Tone Solutions – Atomic Overdrive
Although this unit covers mild to moderate overdrive tones beautifully, don’t let the word “overdrive” fool you. It can cross over into VH distortion territory, easily! The EQ section is very powerful and allows you to dial in a great tone no matter what amp you plug into. That feature makes it a perfect grab-n-go drive pedal for any gig or recording session where amps are rented or already provided. Sign me up!

Xact Tone Solutions - Atomic Overdrive

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Mike Horan – Gibson – 1959 SJN “Country Western” Jumbo Used
If you need an awesome guitar to backup your Hank Williams/Jimmy Martin vocal, this is it! An open E chord as big and wide as the American Dream…

Gibson Acoustic Guitars - 1959 SJN "Country Western" Jumbo Used

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Matt Harmon – Wren and Cuff Effect Pedals – Eye See Pi Small Foot Fuzz
This pedal is my time portal back to the early 90’s when my friend Justin introduced me to the Smashing Pumpkins new record Siamese Dream. It totally kills Corgan’s Big Muff tone, there are so many great tunes on that record. Riff-a-way!

Wren and Cuff Effect Pedals - Eye See Pi Small Foot Fuzz

One of the many great Pedals here at the shop!

Trey DurkinK&K Acoustic Pickups – Pure Mini Pickup
We install a lot of pickups in the Repair Shop, and this simple system may be my favorite. It sounds very true to the acoustic tone of your instrument and passive construction means no dealing with 9-volt batteries. Sounds great on it’s own, but when combined with the K&K pre-amp it really comes to life. An optional sound hole volume control is also available.

K&K Pickups

One of most popular pickup options here in the shop!

Susan Willits – Gretsch Acoustic Guitars – G9511 Style 1 Single-O Parlor
I really like the new Gretsch Parlor guitars. This is a nice guitar for a good price with a solid spruce top and comes with an Appalachia Cloudburst finish, which may vary slightly between guitars of course. The one we have in the store now has a beautiful finish!

Gretsch Acoustic Guitars - G9511 Style 1 Single-O Parlor

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Matt KappenmanLeo Posch Acoustic Guitars – AJ
Moody, dark, powerful guitar ready to pull all sorts of angsty songs right out of you. Fantastic build from local luthier Leo Posch. Don’t miss our upcoming Meet the Builder event with Leo on June 10th!

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - AJ

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