November 2017 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeMartin Acoustic Guitars – D-21 Special
This Limited Edition has solid Rosewood back and sides, 1-3/4″ nut, and forward shifted/scalloped bracing! At $2,499 this guitar is a great deal on an American made guitar, I just wish Martin was making more than 300 of these.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - D-21 Special

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Jim Baggett – Martin Acoustic Guitars – D-18
Both the Sunburst and the Natural top are great buys and solid Mahogany backed guitars.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - D-18

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Eric PutnamJetter Gear – Gold Standard
Still the only overdrive pedal on my board. I have had one of these for the last 5 years, and cannot find a drive that works better for me. The low gain side is very responsive to your pick attack, and sounds very open. The higher gain side is great for leads, really fat but clear. If you stack both channels you can get into fuzz territory. Great pedal!

Jetter Gear - Gold Standard

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Matt Pelsma – Taylor Acoustic Guitars – 326e Baritone-8 LTD
I am a sucker for exotic instruments, especially if they play just like a familiar instrument. Baritones are cool, but with some extra octave in the middle strings, you get some depth that lends itself to some drone-y textures along with single-string lines up the neck on the first and second strings. You can bend with some 12-string flair underneath!

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 326e Baritone-8 LTD

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Brian Soden – Gretsch Electric Guitars – G5420T Electromatic – Fairlane Blue
Such a killer guitar for any price level, but it happens to sell for well under a grand! The fret work is fantastic and the overall build is very solid. Throw in a set of TV Jones pickups and you have a true hot rod!!

Gretsch Electric Guitars - G5420T Electromatic - Fairlane Blue

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Mike Horan – Gibson Guitars – 1952 J-45 Sunburst – Used
Nice resonant guitar! Wide open low-end with well-focused mids. It absolutely has the RIGHT sound for this model.

Gibson Guitars - 1952 J-45 Sunburst - Used

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Matt Harmon – TV Jones Pickups – Brian Setzer – Nickel
Once I bought Brian Setzer’s Rockabilly Riot: Osaka Rocka! – Live in Japan 2016 I was hooked on his tone. So much that I bought a Gretsch with Filtertrons. Brian’s tone is amazing and so are these pickups.

TV Jones Pickups - Brian Setzer - Nickel

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Trey DurkinAll the Bart Reiter Banjos
We have too many great Bart Reiters right now to pick just one! All these banjos are very well made, up in Lansing, MI, and each one would be a lifetime instrument. Whether you like a 11″ head with a whyte laydie tone ring, an all maple banjo, or a 12″ pot with rolled brass and mahogany neck, there is something in right now for all players looking for an open-back. I personally play a Bart Reiter Round Peak, and it is all the banjo I could ever want. Check out the 12″ Buckbee for a banjo that will be very similar in sound to my Round Peak.

Bart Reiter Banjos

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Susan Willits – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars – L-M
The Leo Posch L-M is a no frills guitar that has killer sound and beautiful, understated looks. Clear, balanced notes from high to low, with enough power and volume to be heard in any type of musical setting. Nice ebony peghead overlay, sunburst top, and firestripe pickguard to dress it up a little! Comes with a Guardian Featherweight case.

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - L-M

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Matt KappenmanFender Electric Guitars – 2017 American Professional Telecaster – Olympic White
I love this newly redesgned American Pro tele, it has all tele tones I’m looking for and is one of those guitars that yells “PICK ME UP” every time I walk past it in the store.

Fender Electric Guitars - 2017 American Professional Telecaster - Olympic White

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