MSM Holiday Gift Guide

Best Guitar Accessories – Holiday Gift Guide

Best Guitar Accessories Holiday Gift Guide

Guitar/Banjo/Mandolin Straps

Lakota Leathers
A high quality leather strap is the sort of accessory that every player needs. Whether it’s your banjo killing dreadnought or your prized gold top, you can’t go wrong with these straps.

Original Fuzz
Okay, so maybe leather isn’t everyone’s thing – it might not vibe with your shell pink mustang. Fear not, our friends at Original Fuzz have you covered with some stunning fabric straps featuring everything from repurposed airline seatbelt to gorgeous textiles. Check out our collection of Original Fuzz straps.


TC Electronic – Polytune Clip
If there was ever a shop favorite when it comes to clip on tuners, the Polytune clip is it. The standout feature of this model has to be the polyphonic tunning, meaning you can strum all six strings on a guitar and get immediate feedback on which strings need adjustment. Or, flip over to single string mode and get the most accurate readout we’ve found for any instrument. TC’s been making highly accurate pedalboard based tuners for years and we’re head over heels for this clip on model.


Snark Tuners – SN-5 Clip-on Tuner
The SN-5 is an old standby. With it’s rugged rubber exterior these simple, easy to use tuners make short of work of getting your instrument back in pitch. And at only $15 it’s worth putting one in each of your instrument cases.


BlueChip Picks

BlueChip Picks
Long a favorite of contest flatpickers, these high quality BlueChip picks are now making their way across genres including Jazz and even metal players! A little on the pricey side, these picks are extremely durable and hold up to countless of hours of playing. We all have at least one for use with our favorite ax.

Primetone Picks
Dunlop surprised us with these lower cost alternative to the BlueChips and Wegan picks of the world. Made from the ultra durable ultex material these Primetones are a staff favorite. If you stop a Mass Street staffer walking around the shop, chances are we’ll have a Primetone pick in our pocket

Acri Picks

Acri Thumb/Fingerpicks
Looking for high-quality, hand made finger and thumb picks? These Acri picks are some of the best we’ve found. Check out the whole line up for your Scruggs style bluegrass or fingerpicking delight.


Paige Capos

Paige 6-String Guitar Capo
A consistent, easy to use capo can make all the difference in the world, especially when you’re sliding up and down the fingerboard. Being able to adjust the tension can go a long way to saving your frets from additional wear. The Paige is a simple, affordable option for anyone looking to capo and strum away.

G7 Capo

G7th Performance 2 Capo – Black
A favorite of the Nashville session crowd, this G7th Performance 2 is an extremely easy to use, low profile capo. No screws necessary, just place it at the appropriate fret and squeeze…that’s it! You’re now ready for hours of playing with the ease of knowing you can make quick capo changes.

Elliott Capos

Elliott Capos – All of them!
Elliott capos are a shop favorite, and for good reason! These handmade beauties are functional, gorgeous and incredibly well made. The perfect accessory to go with that favorite guitar.

Mass Street Gear

MSM Retro Shirt

MSM Retro Shirt
This wouldn’t be a Holiday Gift Guide without some Mass Street swag! Check out our new for 2017 retro t-shirt, combining elements of the classic Mass Street logo with our modern branding. These have been flying off the shelf so don’t wait!

MSM Pint Glasses
For the Mass Street customer who has everything. Now you can enjoy your favorite beverage while showing your MSM pride!

MSM Retro Mugs
We take coffee very seriously, so much so that these mugs are a favorite around the shop for us as well!


Lava Cables – 20′ Retro Coil Cable – Orange
You’ve crafted the sound, vibe and cool factor of your guitar rig, now make a statement with your cables! Mass Street staffer Eric P gigs with these Lava Cables and swears by how well they hold up.

Pig Hog Cables – 10′ Instrument Cable – Woven Seafoam Green
Looking for something woven to match that tweed amp? We’ve got you covered with these super durable Pig Hog cables that come with a serious limited lifetime warranty. Can’t go wrong!

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