April 2018 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeCollings Acoustic Guitars – Parlor 2H Traditional T Series
If you’re looking for a guitar that does its thing and does it well, this parlor has it. Super responsive and comfortable, with so much volume for a little guitar.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - Parlor 2H Traditional T Series

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – 02H Traditional T Series
This little guitar has a big sound. Extremely resonant, notes just leap out of it.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - 02H Traditional T Series

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Eric PutnamKeeley Effect Pedals – 1962x Overdrive
Keeley really nailed the Marshall combo sound, and feel with this pedal. I was surprised by how touch responsive it is. It’s a great pedal if you want to use your guitar’s controls to get different tones. Although no pedal can fully capture the experience of a cranked up Marshall this one captures enough to be a great alternative to bleeding ears!

Keeley Effect Pedals - 1962x Overdrive

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Matt Pelsma – Fender Electric Guitars – American Original 60’s Telecaster – Fiesta Red
I love everything about this guitar, from the binding to the pickups. Sounds and feels exactly like Fender has built the telecaster from my dreams. Everything about this guitar looks and sounds perfect. Tele single coils can be the most touch sensitive and expressive around, and with pedals, you can get any electric sound under the sun.

Fender Electric Guitars - American Original 60's Telecaster - Fiesta Red

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Brian Soden – Elliott Capos – 1 3/4″ Elliott Push Button Guitar Capo – 17″ Radius
We’re big fans of Elliott Capos here, and I love that we can custom order them to accommodate guitars with specific neck radius measurements. Collings has tested and confirmed the actual radius between the 2nd and 5th frets on their guitars is 17″ to 17.75″, making the Elliott 17″ radius capo ideal for a Collings fingerboard. This one fits evenly across the fretboard of my new OM2H allowing each note to ring out beautifully. It’s lightweight and looks gorgeous, to boot!

Elliott Capos - 1 3/4

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Mike Horan – Yamaha Electric Guitars – Revstar RS502T Bowden Green
We just received these new Revstar Yamaha electrics. I really like the RS502T in Bowden Green—a cool original design while still maintaining a vintage look and feel. The P-90s really make it bark!

Yamaha Electric Guitars - Revstar RS502T Bowden Green

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Matt Harmon – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – Raven Classic Shorty – Egyptian Gold
I couldn’t decide between two guitars for this Month’s pick, both Andersons, and it came down to the Raven and the Icon Classic. There is just something about the aesthetics of the Raven that is very appealing to me. I love the egyptian gold finish and I’m a fan of single ply matte black pickguards. The headstock painted black just seals the deal. Both guitars play and sound great, but the Raven is a head turner.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Raven Classic Shorty - Egyptian Gold

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Trey DurkinCollings Acoustic Guitars – OM1 A Traditional T Series
A responsive and inspiring instrument. It begs to be played. When I first played it, I put it into DADGAD and was amazed at the rich sound. If you haven’t checked out the Collings Traditional line yet, you owe it to yourself to come give one a strum!

Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM1 A Traditional T Series

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Susan Willits – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1963 00-21 Used
We have a fun 1963 Martin 00-21 here in the store! I love the 00 size, it’s so comfortable to hold on your lap and play. This guitar has a lot of personality, along with a lot of sound, and you can just tell it has songs waiting to be teased out of it! I wonder what they are…

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1963 00-21 Used

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Matt KappenmanHenriksen Amps – The Blu
We had these Henriksen amps recommended to us by one of our favorite customers, and after a chance to check them out at the NAMM show we’re excited to have the entire lineup here in the store. Plug into these small, portable amps with a big sound next time you’re in the shop. They handle everything from acoustic guitars to electrics and jazz boxes.

Henriksen Amps - The Blu

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