January 2020 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTom Anderson Electric Guitars – T Icon – Tangerine Pearl In-Distress Level 3
I was able to get a sneak peek at this striking T-Icon during the National Associate of Music Merchants (NAMM) show earlier this month. I could definitely tell that it felt good while holding it in the Anderson Guitars booth, but I’ve really enjoyed having time today to sit down with the guitar here in the shop to take in all the finer points. Great build quality from the crew at Anderson Guitarworks.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - T Icon - Tangerine Pearl In-Distress Level 3

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Jim Baggett – Collings Guitars – D1 Traditional T Series 1 11/16
Sound just leaps out of this guitar. A light touch delivers a well-balanced tone, but this dreadnought build can definitely handle someone digging in.

Collings Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series 1 11/16

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Eric PutnamCaroline Guitar Effect Pedals – Hawaiian Pizza Fuzzdrive
The Hawaiian Pizza makes your amp sound like it is exploding with ’60s fuzzy goodness. It can be spitty and gated or full and fat! Really great simple to use fuzz!

Caroline Guitar Effect Pedals - Hawaiian Pizza Fuzzdrive

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Matt Pelsma – Fender Guitars – American Ultra Telecaster RW – Texas Tea
The compound fingerboard radius feels incredible; comparable to a much more expensive guitar. The finish looks great and the pickups are highly versatile in tone while sounding ultra quiet.

Fender Guitars - American Ultra Telecaster RW - Texas Tea

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Brian Soden – Squier – Stratocaster ’70s Classic Vibe HSS – Walnut
I seriously cannot get enough of these Classic Vibe Squiers. Everything about them is just done right. From the playability to the quality – no corners are cut. It’s not just great for a Squier…it’s a great guitar, PERIOD! I would happily gig with this Strat.

Squier - Stratocaster '70s Classic Vibe HSS - Walnut

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Mike Horan – Eastman Mandolins – MDO305 Octave
Dollar-for-dollar, it’s hard to find a cooler instrument in the store!

Eastman Mandolins - MDO305 Octave

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Matt Harmon – BOSS Effects – Katana-50 Amp
Incredible amp at an amazing price.

BOSS Effects - Katana-50 Amp

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Trey DurkinLakota Leathers Straps
These straps are great! They are the most comfortable straps I’ve used. I play multiple instruments (Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin) and I have one for each instrument, they are all of equal quality and comfort. The cradle banjo strap distributes the weight of my heavy banjo in a very even and comfortable way. If you are looking for a quality leather strap that feels as good as it looks, check one of these out!

Lakota Leathers Straps

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Susan Willits – Eastman Mandolins – MD305
The MD305 is a fantastic option for new mandolin players as well as guitarists looking to pick up a second instrument. All solid wood construction and a gig bag included makes for a great value.

Eastman Mandolins - MD305

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Matt KappenmanWaterloo by Collings – WL-14 X Truss Rod – All Mahogany
I’ve had my Waterloo for a little over two years now and I really can’t express how much I enjoy playing these guitars. This all-hog X-braced version nails everything I love about their catalogue-inspired sound, it’s articulate and really cuts through a mix while accompanying a singer-songwriter or as an old-time picker. Honestly, this guitar can even hold it’s own in a flatpick jam with banjos and dreadnoughts and it’s only going to get better as the Mahogany top breaks in. I’m a fan.

Waterloo by Collings - WL-14 X Truss Rod - All Mahogany

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2 thoughts on “January 2020 Staff Picks

  1. No need for a reply. I just wanted Josh to know that I love the Collings OM2H cutaway that I bought from him 3 years ago as a gift to myself for my 62nd birthday. I had started looking locally and online and happened to run across a “Collings Day” at your store and you had the exact guitar I was looking for. Kind of hate not buying locally but with the availability and discount due to the Collings Day I went ahead and bought the guitar and couldn’t be happier with it!! I guess having been born in Lindsborg is close enough to buying locally even though I live in Arizona now.

    1. Thanks so much David, glad you’re enjoying the guitar! Roots in Lindsborg totally gives you some Kansas street crew.

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