Tungsten Foxtrot Fuzz Demo

The Tungsten Foxtrot is an all killer, no filler boutique fuzz pedal from our friend Adam over at Tungsten Amplification. This Mass Street Music edition is a V2 model with a rich fuzz circuit that delivers everything from lush, thick fuzz tones to spity, squawking sounds. With the V2 addition of an external bias control the Foxtrot allows you to smooth out, or introduce some grit into your fuzz tones. A fantastic pedal that honestly turned a lot of heads around the shop, so much so we asked Tungsten to build us a batch in our favorite custom red color. Check out our guy Eric putting the Foxtrot through its paces with a Strat, Tele and Les Paul.

Head on over to the website for all the details on this fantastic fuzz box –Tungsten – Foxtrot Fuzz Red

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