Collings D2H A T - Bear Claw Spruce

Upgraded Collings D2H Traditional – Bear Claw Adirondack top

Collings D2H A T - Bear Claw Spruce

This Collings D2H traditional sports the most lovely Adirondack top, with a subtle bear claw to the spruce that really needs to be seen in person to be properly appreciated. ⁠

Paired with a striking set of East Indian Rosewood back and sides, this tone wood combo leans towards a full rich tone, with an immediacy to the pick attack which makes it an easy, responsive player. Extremely even across the fingerboard, this dreadnought has the low-end and mid-range push for rhythm strumming with rounded highs and a focused clarity to the top end.⁠ Head over to the website for more specs, or better yet come down to the store!

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