Repair Spotlight – 2013 Round Up & Painted Old Time Guitar

Old Time Guitar with silkscreen cowboysOne of the coolest things in our Repair department this month is this old time guitar with silkscreened art on it. It’s very similar to Harmony/Silvertone guitars of the 40s and 50s, and was likely made in Chicago – probably sold everywhere from department stores to hardware stores. Jim said this one, “Was for the kid who wanted the Gene Autry lunchbox and Roy Rogers gear – it probably sold for around $20 at the time.”  Not that unusual, but  we thought it sure looked cool with the harmonica player and accordion players kicking in on the scene.

Next up, our luthiers recount a few of the coolest & most challenging repairs this year:

Mike Horan
I worked on a guitar that was once owned and played by Elvis in a movie – that was pretty cool!

Jim Baggett
I gave a 1941 Martin Herringbone its first ever set up this year! This was a beautiful, near mint condition Martin guitar. I did a neck reset and bridge reglue on this but also its first set up in over 70 years. I fit the original endpin and bridge pins on it too, which Martin usually left ‘proud’ or sticking up just a bit. I had the opportunity to make it play again and felt a responsibility in doing so. Quite a guitar. There was also that NBN guitar which had a nasty accident with a hanging lamp – that was a good one!

Mike Runyon
I did a pretty major repair on a severly mangled turn-of-the-century banjo this year which had sustained a big hit – it was a good challenge. I had to redo the entire headstock on this. I matched half the Ebony overlay and inlay to what remained on the headstock.

Matt Harmon
A customer wanted me to fit a strat style neck to a tele style body – I had to fully reroute the neck pocket which required two jigs. The first jig was to get the neck shape, I transferred that to a jig to reroute the pocket. Considering the angle and everything, it was a good challenge!

We look forward to seeing unique instruments & challenges 2014 brings our way!

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