Saturnworks Pedals Now at Mass Street Music!

Saturnworks Pedals graphicAs musicians, we’re always on the prowl for gear that sounds better, works better and makes a real difference – Saturnworks Pedals are so ingenious and affordable that Eric M. decided they were a perfect fit to add to our unique line up of pedals. He even uses three of these on his own board. Hand made by Bryan Wallis in Davis, California, these tiny (many just over 1″ x 4″) utility pedals essentially make your pedals and board work more smoothly, and make using pedals feel much more natural. You can ditch your giant expression pedal, saving space with the Saturnworks Compact Expression Pedal. Its super smooth foot knob allows for effortless changes on the fly. The cool space graphics don’t hurt either!

How about a Killswitch under $30? The Saturnworks Killswitch features a soft touch switch so you just naturally tap your foot – you don’t have to attack the pedal like a one-footed pogo stick. It also means you won’t hear that classic ‘ca-ching’ click and neither will anyone else. Using your board with these utility pedals just flows much more naturally. In addition to Saturnworks already great line-up, we’ve ordered a few custom pedals that we feel answer our own playing needs, and the needs of many customers, including the Tap Tempo with a polarity switch (so it works with practically every pedal), and soft touch for natural playing.

Eric M. uses the True Bypass Looper with a Killswitch (a la Bucket Head), the Compact Expression Pedal for his Strymon Flint Pedal to control the tremolo speed, and lastly a 3-button auxiliary custom made for his Eventide Pitch Factor.

“I like Bryan’s work a lot – these pedals all have great build quality and clean circuits, and he’s really come up with solutions to optimize the layout and flow of my pedalboard.” – Eric M.

Don’t see what you need? Not sure what you need? Interested in a custom Saturnworks Pedal? We love talking about pedals, just give us a call at 800-747-980 or email us at

Check out all of our available Saturnworks Pedals here.

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