New Pickup Test Drive: Fralin Twangmaster with Vintage Hots

Pickup Test Drive guitar with Fralin Twangmaster

The Pickup Test Drive was born out of our deep knowledge of pickups and installations, plus our penchant for experimenting. We like to give our customers a chance to try out various pickup combinations in a variety of guitars, so every few months we’ll grab one of the staff’s own guitars and load it with a different pickup combo for you to try.

Our latest Pickup Test Drive guitar is ready! If you’d like to get a taste of a seriously great Fralin pickup combination, stop by and try out luthier Matt Harmon‘s own guitar, loaded with 3 Fralin pickups. He’s stocked this one with two Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot single coil pickups in the neck and middle, with a 9200k Fralin Twangmaster in the bridge position – a spectacular combo. The guitar will be hanging up in the front room of the store for a few weeks, for locals who want to check out the pickups for themselves. Stop by and give it a go.

Eric M. gave it a run through recently and plugged it into the Gehring Fender Vibroverb Conversion Amp, with the Reverb at about 5. Surf’s up!

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