Pickup Test Drive Guitar Pickup Clinic – Aug. 9

Pickup Test Drive guitar clinicJoin us on Saturday, August 9 for a special Guitar Pickup Clinic featuring seven electric guitars owned by our own staff members. These guitars have been modded with different pickups and featured over the past several years as our in-store Pickup Test Drive guitars for customers to get a hands-on experience with various pickups. You’ll have an opportunity to try out all of them in one day – everything from Fralin and Duncan humbuckers to Grosh pickups in our own guitars. We’ll be on hand to answer any questions you might have about the pickups, options and issues.

Changing out your guitar pickups is one of the easiest and most economical ways to give your old guitar new sound and life. Almost everyone who works at Mass Street Music has had the luthiers install new pickups into at least one guitar, if not more – and that’s how our Pickup Test Drives came about. Each guitar is owned by a staff member (and in a few cases, made by a staff member), and is loaded with pickups different from the originals. The test drives have given our customers the opportunity to try out pickups in a multitude of guitars too, from 335-style hollow-bodies to Les Pauls. A few of these guitars have special upgraded wiring as well. In addition to the electric guitars, we’ll also have our infamous Acoustic Test Drive guitar, an Eastman outfitted with three acoustic pickups for you to check out. We hope you can join us for this unique clinic!

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