September 2015 MSM Staff Gear Picks

Josh BaldridgeCollings Acoustic Guitars – OM2H Cutaway
I’ve become a bigger fan of the OM2H over the years. We’ve had so many customers purchase them and they keep opening up into really great guitars. It’s honestly making me a bit envious!

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H Cutaway

Josh’s pick is a stunning Collings OM complete with Herringbone trim!

Jim Baggett – Martin – SS-GP42-15 Koa GP & Martin – D-14 F Mahogany Custom Shop
I’ve been really pleased with the way these two guitars have come in. Both have played great, and are limited edition models from the Martin custom shop.

Martin Guitars - SS-GP42-15 Koa Grand PerformanceMartin Acoustic Guitars - D-14 F Mahogany Custom Shop

Jim’s picked two stunning limited edition Martins!  

Eric Mardis – Part I Grosh – Retro Classic Hollow T Std, Limited Edition – Butterscotch 
Love the feel and weight of this Tele. Makes my inner Red Volkeart want to emerge, but is versatile beyond Tele-master ambitions.

Don Grosh Electric Guitars - Retro Classic Hollow T Standard, Limited Edition - Butterscotch

It’s not everyday you see a Hollow T from Grosh!

Eric Mardis Part II –  Strymon – DIG Dual Digital Delay
Strymon does it best. Create lush soundscapes with this dual digital delay. This pedal sounds incredible in mono, but is truly mind-blowing when used in a stereo rig.  Also sounds killer with synth/non-guitar sources.

Strymon Dig

Guitar, bass, synths – everything sounds great through this delay!

Eric PutnamCollings Acoustic Guitars – D1 Custom
This will be my next acoustic guitar – it’s a great sounding, classic dreadnought, built to order for Mass Street with Adirondack bracing. 

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 Custom 

Eric P. is doing some shopping with this month’s pick!

Matt Pelsma – PreSonus – Sceptre S6 6 1/2″ Active Studio Monitor with DSP Processing
Coaxial monitors have never been affordable. The technology it takes to have two sound sources originating from the same location takes expensive technology and R&D. Most monitors use two sound sources staked on top of each other. This creates an issue with monitoring that can subtlety affect your work based on the proximity of the speaker to the listener. Slight movements of the listener can change how the two speaker relate to the listeners ears. Sometimes this is audible, sometimes it is not. By having the sound source emitting from one single point, this eliminates this potential skewing, or battling of harmonic content.

Long story short:  Affordable coaxial monitors will provide the assurance of a monitoring experience that is not affected by subtle location shifts of the listener. One less variable equates to one more problem solved.


Matt’s picking more great recording gear this month!

Mike Horan –  Ome Banjos – Mira Open-Back
This banjo is a really cool meeting of the old and new. Get your Old-time on with the beautiful flamed maple open-back rim, while keeping one foot in the modern world with an easy-playing sleek neck featuring a radiused fingerboard. A great combination.


 Modern Craftsmanship with a great Old-time sound! 

Matt Harmon – Pedal Pad – AXS III C – Black Tolex
This Pedal Pad is no fuss, gig-quality pedalboard that doesn’t break the bank. Made right here in Kansas!

 Pedal Pad - AXS III C - Black Tolex

Matt H. is so impressed with these pedalboards that he’s having one custom built!

Trey DurkinOme Banjos – Wizard Open-Back
The banjo features a deep warm tone, with plenty of volume and high-end clarity. Professional quality materials and craftsmanship combined with a great playing radiused ebony fingerboard with nicely done scoop. This thing is a clawhammer monster!

Ome Banjos - Wizard Open-Back 
Trey’s smitten with this Wizard, especially after our demo video shoot!  

Susan Willits – Gibson Banjos – 1932 TB-1 5-String Conversion
This 1960 Gibson TB250 has a wonderfully warm, rich tone. It’s a beautiful banjo and in excellent condition. The neck feels just right and makes it easy to play, but hard to stop playing so I can get back to work!  You can’t go wrong with this one!

Gibson Banjos - 1960 TB-250 5-String Conversion (Leo Posch)
Susan’s rounding out our banjo picks with a stunning conversion!

Thomas HammCollings Electric Guitars – 290 with Bigsby – Vintage White
Collings electric guitar? Check. Single cutaway? Check. Dual P90s? Check. Bigsby tremolo? Check. Hard to beat.

Collings Electric Guitars - 290 with Bigsby - Vintage WhiteHard to beat is right – especially at this price!
Matt KappenmanFender – Deluxe Active Jazz Bass – Vintage White
There’s just something I love about a vintage-looking instrument with modern electronics. Getting noiseless pickups at this price is an awesome bonus.

Fender - Deluxe Active Jazz Bass - Vintage White

Vintage vibe and a killer tone all rolled into one pick! 

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