Band of Gypsys: A trip to Fender, a Conference and a Builder

The Staff here at Mass Street Music is always working hard to keep up with all the gear, techniques and builders you know and love. This past month three of our staff members made trips out to do just that – or swung by on their vacations! 

A Trip to Fender

While we’ve got to be a little secretive about this one, at least for a few more days, Josh had a great trip catching up the Fender team and going over their latest product lines. Believe us when we tell you there is some fantastic gear on the way from Fender that truly celebrates the unique history of this classic brand. They throw some pretty awesome concerts too! Check out Josh’s view of Buddy Guy in concert!

Josh at Fender with Buddy Guy

Back to School: 2015 Northwood Seminar

Mass Street Luthier Matt H. recently got the chance to swing by old stomping grounds and attend the 2015 Northwood Seminar hosted by at the Galloup School of Luthiery. We’re still unpacking all the great knowledge Matt picked up during this jam packed conference including workshops on fretting, pickup design and more! Here’s a great picture of one of our favorite custom pickup builders, Jason Lollar, going over pickup designs.

Jason Lollar at the Northwood Seminar 

A Kid in a Banjo Store

OME Banjos was nice enough to host our own Matt K. on a tour of their workshop in Boulder, CO. Everything including tone woods , banjo pots, neck, clamps, tone rings, and plywood presses were on display as the crew at OME walked Matt through the entire process of how an OME Banjo is built. Check out the photos, and more importantly check out the gorgeous work that comes out of OME. A few of our recent banjos were in the final stages of building when Matt stopped by! 

The Shop at OME Banjos
The Workshop at OME Banjos

Neck Woods at OME Banjos

OME lets all of the woods used in production naturally air dry for years at time before using them in production

Banjo Necks at OME Banjos

Banjo necks glued up and ready to be carved down

Banjo Necks at OME Banjos

Banjo necks in various states of production ready to be matched with a particular pot

An example of the gorgeous inlay work that OME has always been known for!

Presses glueing sheets of wood together

Forms for the plywood veneer

Banjo pots ready to be assembled

OME Wizard Banjo at Mass Street Music

The gorgeous finished product. Check out our OME Wizard banjo on the site! 

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