September 2015 MSM News

Mass Street Music Sept 2015 newsEvery time we put together one of these monthly roundups it feels like the first line ends up being something about how crazy things are around the store. It sounds cliché, but it’s true! Just in the coming month we have a Roland White Mandolin Clinic, more Gypsy Jazz techniques, a Vintage Guitar class from Boss Jim and that’s just the events! Josh just went out to visit Fender to learn about upcoming products, Matt H. attended a workshop for guitar builders and Matt K made it out to visit OME Banjos for a tour of their workshop. Check out a blog post our own little Band of Gypsys.

Make sure and head over to check out the September Staff Picks as well. This month is full of killer banjos, custom acoustics and some great home recording gear. Read more over on our staff picks archive!

We teased it up above, but seriously folks, Roland White is coming to the store! Head on over and check out this blog post to read up on a true Bluegrass Legend. To sweet the deal, MandolinCafe is offering three scholarships to any college age or younger students who want to attend the class. It’s seriously going to be an amazing treat to learn form a master! Contact the store for more info.

Annnddddd there was this litte Bluegrass festival tossed in the middle of September as well. To be honest though, we had a blast at Winfield! Check out this timelapse of the booth being built featuring our most propular employee – the uke tree!

Don’t miss out on a fantastic concert from friend of the store, Beppe Gambetta, this Friday courtesy of West Side Folk. Beppe stopped by the store today and played a bit in Jim’s office. Always a treat to have our favorite musicians stop by! 

Hanging out in Boss Jim’s office, playing vintage Martins

Don’t miss out on our latest apparel creation at Mass Street Music. This has been a long simmering idea here at the store and we’re all so excited to finally be sporting it around town. We’ve got a limited supply of these so be sure to give the store a call or stop by to pick one up!Mass Street Music Baseball Tee

Show your Mass Street pride while cheering on the boys in blue! 

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