October 2015 MSM Staff Gear Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Electric Guitars – Classic Series ’62 Telecaster with Bigsby
Everything you love about a Tele, but with a Bigsby “F” tailpiece! One of only 175 made complete with Fender’s vintage tele pickups.

Josh brings a limited run Tele to this month’s Staff Picks!

Jim Baggett – Waterloo by Collings – WL-14 L T-Bar Black
Classic design built with the care and craftsmanship we’ve come to expect from Collings.

 Waterloo by Collings - WL-14 L T-Bar Black

Jim’s picked our latest Waterloo – this won’t be around for long! 

Eric Mardis – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – Classic S Shorty – Black
It’s no secret that I’m a Gilmour nerd. This guitar is an aesthetic homage to the great “Black Strat” of legend, but with some modern tweaks like noiseless pickups and taller frets. The real kicker is the short scale which gives this guitar super powers. Effortless big bends with no “fretting out”, singing sustain, and no 60 cycle hum. Beautiful. Scared of short scale? Check out this very similar guitar with a Blackmore look…Same pickups, but strung with 9’s and super vibey. My two favorite guitars in the shop!

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Classic S Shorty - Black

Eric M with the short scale killer player from Anderson!

Eric PutnamCollings Electric Guitars – I-35 w/ ThroBak PG-102s – Blonde
This guitar is ridiculously good! It is super resonant, the neck feels great, and it looks classy. The ThroBak Peter Greens sound amazing in this guitar as well. They are clear, and articulate with out being too bright. This is the kind of guitar that makes you want to sell all of your other guitars and be a one guitar man! (don’t worry though you can also just buy this guitar and keep your other guitars!)

Collings Electric Guitars - I-35 w/ ThroBak PG-102s - Blonde

Check out Eric’s Youtube demo of this gorgeous I-35!

Matt Pelsma – Skreddy Effect Pedals – Mayonaise MkIII
Stomp it on and be thrown off the edge of tomorrow.  This thing has some wild tone breakup that you can almost see.  Add some compression after to smooth out into “high-gain” ‘ville.  Smashing Pumpkins, J Mascis, and David Gilmour are all there somewhere inside this “Triangle” Big Muff π – Version 1 clone.

 Skreddy Effect Pedals - Mayonaise MkIII

Matt’s bringing the noise with this Skreddy Pedal!

Mike Horan –  Collings Acoustic Guitars – OM1 Mahogany – Sunburst
After playing all four Collings OM1s in our store, I really appreciated this guitar for its distinctive voice:  warm without being muddy, clear without being thin. Just a real joy to play. As a bonus, it’s truly beautiful to look at.

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM1 Mahogany - Sunburst

Check out our Demo of Four Collings OM1s!

Matt Harmon – Mono Cases – M80 Vertigo Electric Gig Bag – Black
Simply the best in gigbags. I have the double and love it, I would love to have this as a single backup bag.

Can’t beat a staff pick based on something Matt H owns!

Trey DurkinCarved Top 3/4 Size Upright Bass
This upright has a deep, satisfying tone, with even volume throughout the range. Very clean and is the best bass in the store in my opinion.

Trey’s gone with big fiddle for this month’s pick!

Susan Willits – Gretsch Ukuleles – G9112 Resonator Uke
A truly fun instrument and oh so cool looking!  This is a well made ukulele with a great sound. It’s easy to play and with the Grover Sta-tite deluxe tuners you don’t have to worry about it slipping out of tune. Plus it’s small enough you can take it with you everywhere!

Gretsch Ukuleles - G9112 Resonator Uke
Susan’s with a unique little Uke from Gretsch!

Thomas HammGibson Electric Guitars – 1998 Les Paul Standard
It’s hard to argue there’s a better, more solid and dependable, guitar than the Gibson Les Paul Standard. It just makes you wanna rock!

The Les Paul – it’s a classic for a reason!
Matt KappenmanCollings Acoustic Guitars – OM1 VN Custom
I can’t put this guitar down. It handles everything from big bluegrass runs to subtle finger picking, making it as comfortable on the couch as it is around a picking circle. Check out Mike’s demo for proof!

A really nice guitar complete with our Mass Street Music custom touches!

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