December 2015 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeMartin Guitars – SS-GP42-15 Koa Grand Performance
Crisp, clear, clean and sustain are the words that come to mind with this Custom Shop Martin. I’m not usually a fan of bigger guitars, but this one really stands out as different and beautiful. This guitar is one of only fifty made, and we were lucky enough to win a lottery to get one here at the store.

Martin Guitars - SS-GP42-15 Koa Grand Performance Front 

Josh picked out a stunning guitar from the Martin Custom Shop!

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – OM2H Koa G SB
This Koa OM2H has it all, both in looks and sound. It’s an example of over the top craftsmanship from the best.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H Koa G SB Collings Acoustic Guitars - OM2H Koa G SB Back

Check out the gorgeous Koa Matchbook Back and Sides!  

Eric Mardis – AER Amps – Compact 60/3
Super lightweight amplifier with premium sound. Sounds absolutely gorgeous with guitar, banjo, mandolin, or even voice. This thing is a miniature PA! I’ve been using this with a AKG condenser mic and my Gitane Gypsy Jazz guitar…wonderful sound!

AER Amps - Compact 60/3 

Eric M’s pick this month is a versatile amp from AER!

Eric PutnamFender – 1968 Jazz Bass
First of all this bass looks great. It has all of the right wear on it, and the neck feels awesome. Also the Fralin Jazz bass pickups have just the right output for this vintage bass.

  Fender - 1968 Jazz Bass

Eric P with a pick that is one of everyone’s favorite vintage finds in the store!

Matt Pelsma – Taylor Acoustic Guitars – 326e Baritone Shaded Edge Burst
Tragically underused, the baritone guitar can be a refreshing instrument to sit down with when you need some extra muscle through a deeper tonal pallet.  Play some lydian lines over a drone with some ambient delay or reverb and you have an instant moody, quizzical sound score for your next project.

 Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 326e Baritone Shaded Edge Burst

Matt P has picked a really uniquely voiced guitar from Taylor!

Mike Horan –  Taylor Acoustic Guitars – 2015 614ce Grand Auditorium
I thought this guitar shown really well in the midrange, with excellent projection. It’s perfect for both flat and finger-picking. I was pleasantly surprised by this one during our latest video shoot.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 2015 614ce Grand Auditorium

Check out Mike’s video demo on this 614ce! 

Matt Harmon – Gretsch Acoustic Guitars – Jim Dandy Flat Top – Delta Sky Burst
This is the guitar I would leave out by the couch. It’s a great little guitar to pluck an idea out and because it has a laminate top, humidity won’t affect it the same way it will your nice Taylor, Martin, or Collings this season. We have 3 different colors in the store, so come get one as a gift or as your personal couch guitar.

 Gretsch Acoustic Guitars - Jim Dandy Flat Top - Delta Sky Burst

Stop by the store and check out Matt H’s favorite new couch guitar! 

Trey DurkinFender – 2014 Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass
This versatile bass can do it all, from classic P-Bass thump, all the way to the growl of a Freeless Jazz Bass (think Jaco) – great sounding pickups, a smooth Ebony Fingerboard, and a D-turner all add up to one serious player. If I had to choose one bass for the rest of my career, it would probably be one of these.

Fender - 2014 Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass

Trey’s all about this fretless P-bass/Jazz Bass combo! 

Susan Willits – Ome Banjos – Mira Open-Back
A super banjo with a wonderful, well balanced tone.  It’s very pleasing to the ears as well as the eyes. I love the look of the vintage style brass tone ring & brackets and the inlay is classy yet simple. You can hear Trey play this great American made banjo on our website!  It’s a winner!

Ome Banjos - Mira Open-Back
Susan’s picked a vintage-inspired stunner from Ome!

Thomas HammEastman Acoustic Guitars – E20P-SB
This is a fantastic small-bodied guitar, and really shines with it’s full bodied tone. All the vintage appointments make it stunner – from the slotted headstock to the pyramid bridge.

Eastman Acoustic Guitars - E20P-SB

Thomas’s pick is the perfect solid wood guitar for traveling!
Matt KappenmanRode Microphones – NT5
I’ve really fallen in love with this microphone over the past few months. We’ve been using it here at the store to record our demo videos, and recently upgraded to a matched stereo pair of NT5s. They handle everything from acoustic guitars & banjos to capturing the natural sound out of an archtop electric. Check out our Youtube page to really hear it in action!

 Rode Microphones - NT5

Matt K’s picked a piece of gear that we’re using week in and week out here at the store! 

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