Wolfetone Pickups at Mass Street Music

The staff here at Mass Street is always on the look out for the latest gear, repair techniques and technology to help improve everything about your musical experience. We take this same sort of care and research with every product that comes through the door, whether it’s the latest boutique acoustic guitar, or a customers very first instrument. We know first hand how important quality construction is to the enjoyment of learning, playing and making music.

Enter the later addition to our product lineup, Wolfetone Pickups. We’ve been testing, demoing and getting feedback from customers on this particular pickup line for almost 6 months – making sure it’s something we can stand behind and that it will provide the sort of quality experience Mass Street is known for. After hours of recording, playing, and research we can say for certain that these are some killer pickups! Check out our demo recording highlighting these new Wolfetones.

DR Vintage

The DR Vintage pickups are a great straight replacement for any modern guitar, giving you that vintage P.A.F. style sound with a warm balanced tone.


This one is a scorcher! Alnico-5 magnets combined with overwound enamel wiring makes this one seriously hot humbucker.



Meticulously designed and built to more accurately reflect the aging process of vintage pickups. Classic P.A.F. sound in a new pickup, ready to be swapped into your classic Gibson or any new pickup slot for excellent vintage tone.

Grosh G-90

Of course, we wanted to provide some sort of control example for comparing with the Wolfetone pickups. Naturally, we choose one of our favorites here in the shop, the Grosh G-90s.
 All these recordings were engineered by our very own Matt P. and supervised by Repair Shop Luthier Matt H. Recorded with a Shure SM57 on the amp and a Telefunken Ribbon Microphone as a room mic. Special thanks to Brian Soden for his excellent playing, and Gary McKnight for the use of his microphone.

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