Repair Spotlight: 1938 Martin 000-45 Bridge Plate Repair

Sometimes bad repairs happen to good guitars, and this 1938 Martin 000-45 on Boss Jim‘s bench was a prime candidate for a repair rescue.
1938 000-45 Repair on Jim Baggett's Bench
This stunning 000-45 had an extra block of wood attached to its bridge plate on the underside of the guitar top. Carefully removing this mess took almost 8 hours, slowly planing off the excess wood until Jim could get some leverage and use a metal spatula to carefully pry out what remained of the block and original bridge plate. Check out mess of shavings, and scraps, as well as the intact original bridge.Remains of the Original Bridge plateThat patience paid off, as Jim was left with a pristine surface to insert the newly fabricated, and properly sized bridge plate, underneath the 000-45’s braces.Clean removal of the bridge plate
Mirror shot of the underside of the top with the old bridge plate and block removed.
Mirror shot of the underside of the top with the new bridge plate inserted and glued up.
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