April 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeTaylor Acoustic Guitars – 526ce
I’m a fan of the Mahogany tops on both the Taylor GC short scale and the GS long scale. For a long scale Mahogany top guitar, the 526ce is one of my favorites due to it’s larger lower bout and overall box size.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 526ce

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – D1 Custom
A great sounding guitar with a few custom changes that really open it up.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 Custom 

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Eric Mardis – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – Classic S Shorty – Black
This is the best playing electric guitar in the place. Favorite aspects: no annoying 60 cycle hum, an effortless neck that loves big bends, and timeless aesthetics (a nod to the great Black Strat).

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Classic S Shorty - Black 

Check out Mardis and this Anderson in our Timmy Overdrive video!

Eric PutnamRockett Pedals – GTO Overdrive
Every pedal I have tried from J Rockett has been impressive and the GTO is no exception. It is a low/medium gain drive pedal with very usable tone controls. The warmth control fattens the guitar without getting too muddy. When using a single coil guitar the warmth control can get you very close to humbucker tones. The accent control adds definition in the high end. Unlike most treble controls the entire range is usable. There is not a bad setting on this pedal!Rockett Pedals - GTO Overdrive

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Matt Pelsma – Gibson Electric Guitars – 1976 L-6S Deluxe
A different guitar for a kind of different player.  It has a very comfortable thin body with some tasteful wear on the neck, and fast playing low frets like you would expect for a Gibson from 1976.  Awesome price for a vintage Gibson!


Matt P’s with a Gibson we don’t see everyday!

Mike Horan –  Collings Acoustic Guitars – CJ35
This guitar is super-responsive and has volume to spare. Like a J-45 on steroids, this guitar makes an awesome strummer but also cuts like a knife on single-line leads.

 Collings Acoustic Guitars - CJ35

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Matt Harmon – Paul Cochrane Effect Pedals – Timmy – Custom Red
Our exclusive Ruby Red Timmy is flying off the shelf these days, and for good reason! Feels like everyone wants a little bit of that Ruby Red Kansas look on their pedalboard.

Paul Cochrane Effect Pedals - Timmy - Custom Red

Catch up with how Eric M utilizes this versatile pedal! 

Trey DurkinCollings Acoustic Guitars – 1996 CW-28 Brazilian
Every CW model I have played has blown me away, and this is no exception. Great ringing tone when fully strummed, with a very even responsiveness through the dynamic range. Not only a great flatpicker but this CW responds very well to fingerstyle playing. This would be a great guitar for just about any genre and with the CW you’re going to sound great and be heard!

Collings Acoustic Guitars - 1996 CW-28 Brazilian

This CW-28 is a Collings classic!  

Susan Willits – Summit Mandolins – 2003 A-100S
This Summit A-100S mandolin is a great deal for an American made instrument. With beautiful flamed maple back and sides this 2003 Summit mandolin sounds great while running through some fiddle tunes, or chopping out some chords. A very clean used mandolin with a hardshell case, it probably won’t be here long!

Summit Mandolins - 2003 A-100S

Susan with a great used Mando from Summit!  

Matt KappenmanBart Reiter Banjos – Buckbee Open-Back

I’ve had my Buckbee for almost a year and I’ve been more and more thrilled with it every time I pick it up. A simple, well constructed instrument, this banjo is great for all sorts of old-time playing.

Bart Reiter Banjos - Buckbee Open-Back 

Bart Reiter banjos are a favorite here with the staff! 
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