July 2016 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender – Deluxe Thinline Telecaster RW – Burst
When Fender showed me the new MIM Deluxe Series Telecasters, I was impressed with their design choices. This guitar arrived late last week and it is the best guitar under $1K that I have played in a long time. It is so light weight and balanced, that every time I pick it up I involuntarily say “You’ve gotta be kidding me.” It is so nice to have the series wiring position right out of the box as well.

 Fender - Deluxe Thinline Telecaster RW - Burst

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Jim Baggett – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 1941 D-18
I’ve always been a D-18 fan and this one sounds better everyday.

 Martin Acoustic Guitars - 1941 D-18

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Eric Mardis – Don Grosh Electric Guitars – Retro Classic Hollow T Standard LE
Classic look and feel on this Hollow T by one of our favorite boutique luthiers.

 Don Grosh Electric Guitars - Retro Classic Hollow T Standard LE

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Eric PutnamKlon – KTR Pedal
There are plenty of great Klon clones out on the market today, but it is easy to forget that you can still get a Klon designed by Bill Finnegan (who built the original klons). Although it is not an exact replica of the original Klons it excels at the same types of tones as the original. As a clean boost it adds something special to your amps sound. It makes everything sound a bit fuller and more dynamic. It also works great as a light to medium overdrive and has a really nice mid range push that will make you cut through a mix without sounding too focused and nasal.

Klon - KTR Pedal 

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Matt Pelsma – Waterloo by Collings – WL-K
I have sincerely never player a guitar new or used that I instantly like out of the case as much as this guitar. It has a sustain and balance that could be characterized as vintage, but to me it is entirely sweet like any new 12-fret OO or smaller bodied guitar I have played. Based on your picking technique, this guitar could sing or sob. It is a wild joy to play, and so light it feels like it will fly out of your hands.

 Waterloo by Collings WL-K

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Mike Horan –  Taylor Acoustic Guitars – 612Ce 12-Fret Grand Concert
I was really surprised by this guitar.  It was very responsive to my pick attack and had a very full sound for a small-bodied guitar.

 Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 612Ce 12-Fret Grand Concert

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Matt Harmon – Lindy Fralin Bass Pickups – P-Bass
If you research replacement bass pickups you’ll find that most folks on the forums are all about Fralins, and for good reason. These are a great upgrade to any P-bass, do your ears a favor and get one installed today.

Lindy Fralin Bass Pickups - P-Bass

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Trey DurkinGibson – 1972 EB-0L Walnut Bass
Great single humbucker rock tone with a pick, with a versatile plucked tone as well – good for anything from Motown to country. This bass has a worn in neck, with a total vintage vibe. Love the slotted headstock!

Gibson - 1972 EB-0L Walnut Bass 

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Susan Willits – Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars – Deep Body OM Full Sunburst
Here’s another wonderful guitar from local luthier Leo Posch. This deep body OM guitar has a rich, robust sound with plenty of power when you drive it, as well as sounding lovely, with a sweet tone when finger picking. The highly figured maple looks classy with the full body sunburst and I love the rope purfling around the red spruce top!

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - Deep Body OM Full Sunburst

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Matt KappenmanMartin Acoustic Guitars – D-18 – Sunburst
Winfield is right around the corner, and I’m starting to feel that yearly pull back to a big, bold dreadnought sound. It’s a weekly battle between two of my favorites in the hotrod Collings D1 Custom and this classic Martin D-18 sound.

 Martin Acoustic Guitars - D-18 - Sunburst

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