September 2017 Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeEastman Electric Guitars – SB59 Goldburst
This Eastman nails the look and vibe of a classic solid-body guitar. The Seymour Duncans sounds great, chimes without being too dark. The body produces plenty of sustain without being too heavy. Great guitar and affordable. 

Eastman Electric Guitars - SB59 Goldburst

We’ve been looking forward to this SB59 since NAMM! It’s turned out better than expected. View more Eastman Guitars here

Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – D1 Traditional T Series
An extremely expressive and open dreadnought right out of the case. These Sitka D1 Traditionals might be the best bang for your buck form Collings right now.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series

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Eric PutnamTom Anderson Electric Guitars – Icon Classic – Mystic Teal
Our very own Matt Pelsma has been trying to decide what color to paint his walls. I have been suggesting Mystic Teal. What a great look for your walls or a guitar! Besides the looks I also love the combination of the PH-2 in the bridge with the SC1 single coils. The PH-2 is not as far from a single coil as a humbucker would be, but it is a great way to get a fatter bridge sound while still having plenty of chime.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Icon Classic - Mystic Teal

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Matt Pelsma – Gretsch – G5622T Electromatic Center Block w/Bigsby – Georgia Green
As soon as you plug in you experience the bright and full punchy tone for which Gretsch guitars are known. Great feeling Bigsby trem rounds out this classic yet modern package.

Gretsch Electric Guitars - G5622T Electromatic Center Block w/Bigsby - Georgia Green

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Brian Soden – Gretsch Resonators – G9220 Bobtail Round-Neck with Pickup – Sunburst
Whether you’re wanting a solid resonator with a pickup to take on the road or looking to round out your guitar collection with more tonal options, this Gretsch resonator is a fine choice. It sounds great and just looks cool as heck!

Gretsch Resonators - G9220 Bobtail Round-Neck with Pickup - Sunburst

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Mike Horan – Waterloo by Collings – WL-S Deluxe
Oh man! I have to pick the Waterloo WL-S Deluxe. After getting a chance to hear Beau Bledose play it at the booth in Winfield I am a true believer. Really excellent antique tone with great string separation when finger-picked!

Waterloo by Collings - WL-S Deluxe

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Matt Harmon – Collings Acoustic Guitars – C10-35 Jet Black Top
This guitar has some serious L-00 mojo and plays better than any you’ll find on the used vintage market. Even comes with a new Collings Traditional hard case!

Collings Acoustic Guitars - C10-35 Jet Black Top

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Trey DurkinChuck Lee Banjos – Fretless 12″ Open-Back
What a great banjo! A fine example of the wonderful craftsmanship found in Chuck Lee’s Banjos. A first rate fretless banjo with as full, warm and, mellow of a tone as any old time banjo picker could want. This instrument has a fantastic cut and drive with steel strings, but could easily handle nylons. It handles clawhammer or fingerstyle equally well, and retains a lovely voice throughout the range of tunings, which are achieved hassle-free thanks to the planetary tuners.

Chuck Lee Banjos - Fretless 12 Open-Back

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Susan Willits – Collings Mandolins – MT2
Another wonderful mandolin from Collings, this MT2 has great tone, with clear, defined notes whether played softly, or with a lot of volume. The Eastern Flamed Maple back and sides are beautiful, but I especially love the velvety sheen and depth of the figuring on the back of the maple neck.

Collings Mandolins - MT2

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Matt KappenmanMartin Acoustic Guitars – 2017 D-28
Any time one of our builders announces a redesign I sit up and take notice. I’ve always leaded more towards mahogany back and sides but there’s something about this build and bracing that gives it the bass responsive of rosewood with the punch of the new D-18s. It’s a great combination and I honestly can’t put this one down.

Martin 2017 D-28 2017 New

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