May 2018 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Guitars – 1988 Custom Shop ’57 Stratocaster – Surf Green Used
I have grown to love Alder-body/Maple-neck Strats, so this early Custom Shop version has been killing me since we picked it up a couple weeks ago. The pickups have that 50’s chime that sounds great clean in a band and keeps the tone from getting too dark when I’m really pushing an amp.

Fender Guitars - 1988 Custom Shop '57 Stratocaster - Surf Green Used

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Jim Baggett – Collings Acoustic Guitars – 01 A Traditional T Series
Remarkably big sound out of a little guitar. All the bold tones of an Adirondack build, with the comfortable 14-fret 0 size.

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Eric PutnamLeo Posch Acoustic Guitars – D-M
This has been my favorite Dread in the shop since it arrived. It can handle big chords and bluegrass licks, but it also sounds great for finger style. Some addy top guitars can be too stiff for fingerstyle, but this one is sensitive enough to pull off fingerstyle. I could easily be happy with this guitar as my only acoustic. Awesome guitar!

Leo Posch Acoustic Guitars - D-M

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Matt Pelsma – Martin Acoustic Guitars – 0-18
This guitar is fun to play and has more dynamics than a player might guess at first glance. The smaller top projects with less energy needed which is great for fingerstyle. Solo strumming and lead playing stand out easily as well. The aging toner and bevelled pickguard are excellent and classy touches.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - 0-18

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Brian Soden – Strymon Effect Pedals – Deco
The Strymon Deco has recently earned a place on my board and I’m so pumped to start gigging with it! Hands down – the best slapback delay out there. And through-zero flanging so you can get your “Are You Gonna Go My Way” tone sounding proper! All of the great sounds from the ’50s through the ’70s, achieved through manipulating tape machines, are in there. It’s like you’re sitting in Sun Records during an iconic session.

Strymon Effect Pedals - Deco

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Mike Horan – Collings Acoustic Guitars – Parlor 1 Traditional T Series
Eminently playable, this little wonder begs to be played on the couch. Simple yet elegant appointments and clean lines make this guitar an instant classic. Surprising amount of volume for its size.

Collings Acoustic Guitars - Parlor 1 Traditional T Series

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Matt Harmon – Tom Anderson Electric Guitars – Icon Classic – Metallic Ice Blue
Easy pick this month. This Icon Classic from Anderson does it all.

Tom Anderson Electric Guitars - Icon Classic - Metallic Ice Blue

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Trey DurkinOME Banjos – Juniper Megatone Bluegrass Resonator
This is a great banjo for all fingerstyles of playing. It is a ton of fun to play. In CGBDg tuning playing in the key of C it works great for Charlie Poole style old-time picking, with a huge full sound. Bright and crisp but managing to be warm and full all at the same time? How does Ome do it? And as always, the craftsmanship, fretwork, attention to detail and overall aesthetics are the same top notch level that we’ve come to expect from Ome.

OME Banjos - Juniper Megatone Bluegrass Resonator

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Susan Willits – Collings Mandolins – MT GT Honey Amber
It’s a fact, Collings makes wonderful mandolins! This Honey Amber MT GT is a beauty, but sounds even better than it looks, with super clear, sweet tone up and down the register. I had a hard time putting this one back on the wall, because once you start playing you won’t want to stop!

Collings Mandolins - MT GT Honey Amber

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Matt KappenmanMilkman Sound – One Watt Plus
This amp makes me excited about plugging in and turning up…only without getting too loud! A 10 Watt Combo, this Milkman has built-in adjustable power scaling down to 1 Watt, bringing that saturated crunch to your guitar tones at bedroom or practice space volume levels. Perfect for smaller-gigs or recording, it also takes pedals extremely well. We couldn’t be more excited about having Milkman Amps in the store.

Milkman Sound - One Watt Plus

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