Collings Guitars 1 11/16 Traditional Series Models

Collings Traditional T Series – New 1 11/16″ Nut Width Models

Collings 1 11/16th Nut Width option on Traditional Models

We’re thrilled to once again be a part of the ever expanding line of Collings Traditional models. For the past two years we’ve been big fans of the Traditional T Series of guitars from Collings which feature lightweight bracing, traditional voicing, thin nitro finishes and animal protein glue builds. And now with the introduction of the newly designed 1 11/16th necks, players of any nut width preference can get in on these truly breathtaking guitars.

Inspired by the 1938, ’39, and ’40 pre-war vintage guitars, these narrower nut models are very similar to the comfortable 1 3/4″ Traditional neck, but rescanned and scaled down to make for a really smooth playing 1 11/16″ nut width and corresponding profile.

“I was lucky enough to put a hand on an unfinished prototype neck while visiting Collings and found it to be very comfortable, for 1 3/4″ and 1 11/16″ players alike.” – Jim Baggett – Owner, Mass Street Music

These T Series neck are their own thing though, different from both the 1 3/4″ profile and the custom Julian Lage neck, both of which we love. Even if you’re a 1 3/4 player, you’ll find it to be very comfortable, and for 1 11/16″ players it is one of the most comfortable necks we’ve found.

We liked it well enough to immediately put 5 guitars on order, on the spot.

Give us a call or email us to get first dibs on these narrower nut width models. It’s far enough out that we may be able to swap specs if there’s something specific you have in mind for your future Traditional Collings.

Update – The first of our 1 11/16″ Nut width Traditionals have arrived. Check them out:

Collings Acoustic Guitars – D1 Traditional T Series 1 11/16″ Nut Width

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 Traditional T Series 1 11/16

Collings Acoustic Guitars - D1 A Traditional T Series 1 11/16

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