Fender American Originals Guitars

An American Original: Fender’s New Vintage-Inspired Lineup

Fender American Originals

We’ve been in countdown mode ever since the folks at Fender announced the all new American Original series. These “Best of the Decade’ guitars deliver vintage tone, style and appointments with some modern playability. With era-appropriate materials, build and construction techniques these solid-body electrics have set themselves apart at this price point. Here are just three of our favorite features across the line.

Vintage Voicing

Fender went back to the drawing board and took their inspiration from what makes those single-coil pickups of the ’50s and ’60s so unique. Using original-era construction techniques and materials to bring that vintage sound without breaking the bank. From Gray-Bottom Single-Coils to Pure Vintage ’52s these pickups mean business.

Nitro Finishes

When available we always love a Nitrocellulose Lacquer finish. There something about the texture, tone, and the way it ages that just feels natural. These new American Original models bring that look and feel back to this American made lineup at a great price.

Modern Playability

While we love the idea of era-specific appointments, era-specific playability isn’t always the best option. Fender has wisely split the difference here, offering decade specific neck profiles that feel and play great along with a 9.5″ fingerboard radius. This slightly rounder radius, compared to the vintage 7.25″, allows for more modern playing styles, and of course, those deep bends up the fingerboard. Also, the Strats do come with a 5-Way switch allowing for all the versatility you’ve come to expect.

Mass Street Demos

We’ve been so smitten with these guitars that we sat down with Mass Street staffer Eric P to put them through their paces. Scroll down to give a listen to these three demos or head on over to the American Original collection page for details on each particular model.

’50s Telecaster – Butterscotch Blonde & Black Guard

There’s a reason why this Black Guard style tele became famous. That look and sound is iconic!

’50s Stratocaster – White Blonde

All that Strat tone with that classic understated look!

’60s Stratocaster – Candy Apple Red or 3-Tone Burst

Candy Apple Red and a Rosewood fingerboard – So distinctly ’60s

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