July 2020 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeFender Electric Guitars – Vintera 60’s Stratocaster Modified – Olympic White
The Vintera Series has been so impressive and I think this one looks incredible. The pickups sound great and I love the feel of the satin neck. This is the best Mexican Strat that I’ve ever played.

Fender Electric Guitars - Vintera 60's Stratocaster Modified - Olympic White

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Jim Baggett – Gibson Guitars – 1963 ES-335TD – Cherry
Gorgeous 1963 ES-335. Sounds great and sports the original Patent Number pickups and electronics.

Gibson Guitars - 1963 ES-335TD - Cherry

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Eric PutnamStrymon Effect Pedals – Compadre Compressor Booster
When I first saw this pedal I honestly wasn’t that excited. I typically do not use compression, but the studio compressor on this is incredible! It gives you more sustain without feeling overly compressed. The Boost is great in front of a drive, and having the option to push the mids or treble is a great addition.

Strymon Effect Pedals - Compadre Compressor Booster

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Matt Pelsma – PreSonus Audio Interfaces – 25th Anniversary AudioBox USB96 Interface – Black
It is great to have the AudioBox back in stock. Start your home recording project with a great sounding and affordable two-channel interface.

PreSonus Audio Interfaces - 25th Anniversary AudioBox USB96 Interface - Black

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Brian Soden – The Rock Slides
We just got another batch of Rock Slides in the shop! These slides are comfortable, sound fantastic and look sharp. Rock Slides have become a staple for many players including Joey Landreth, Ariel Posen and Rhett Shull as well as many local players here in town! My personal favorite is the Molded Glass. Get ya one!

The Rock Slides

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Mike Horan – Collings Electric Guitars – 360 LT M Special – Sherwood Green – Aged
When I first pick up any electric guitar, I first listen to the acoustic unamplified tone. If it sounds great unplugged, it almost always sounds great through the amp. This Collings totally delivers. Quick response on every note and plenty of volume, lots of sustain and overtones courtesy of the Mastery bridge and tremolo. Sounds even better plugged in.

Collings Electric Guitars - 360 LT M Special - Sherwood Green - Aged

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Trey DurkinFender – American Ultra Jazz Bass RW – Arctic Pearl
This bass is everything one would want in a lifetime instrument, and a great example of a high end American Fender Bass. The rolled fingerboard edge feels great. having two pickups and an active/passive switch gives this Jazz Bass an extra-large palette of tonal options available.

Fender - American Ultra Jazz Bass RW - Arctic Pearl

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Susan Willits – Eastman Mandolins – MD315-CLA
The Eastman MD315 is a great solid wood mandolin at an affordable price and the quality of the MD315 easily makes it more than just a starter mandolin. They play nicely up and down the neck and I love the finish on these mandos.

Eastman Mandolins - MD315-CLA

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Matt KappenmanMartin Acoustic Guitars – D-18E 2020 – Limited Edition (LR Baggs Electronics)
If you were to ask me at any given moment what’s my go to guitar in the store in terms of price/performance I’ll almost always go with a Martin D-18. Built in Nazareth, PA, these guitars are truly a lifetime instrument that is built to last. This limited edition build is no different, and includes some really cool rosewood appointments, AND it comes with built-in electronics, something players ask for all the time. This particular D-18 has that warm, responsive Martin low-end that always feels satisfying. Don’t miss out on this 2020 Limited model.

Martin Acoustic Guitars - D-18E 2020 - Limited Edition (LR Baggs Electronics)

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