Collings Statesman LC Deluxe – Custom Order

You may have seen it this past week on the @collingsguitars social media feeds, but this guitar turned out so great we couldn’t help but post about it as well! Collaborating with customers to work out the perfect, custom ordered, guitar of their dreams is one the things we enjoy and work hard on as a staff. Every custom detail is reviewed by our team here at the shop to ensure the guitar arrives exactly how you’ve envisioned it. This Statesman LC Deluxe is one such guitar that came and went last week, and needless to say we’re in love with it. Get in touch with our sales crew to start working out your dream guitar!

Collings Statesman LC Deluxe
Collings Ivoroid Knobs
Collings Custom Inlay Work
Collings Statesman LC Deluxe Headstock Binding

2 thoughts on “Collings Statesman LC Deluxe – Custom Order

  1. I couldn’t be happier with this lovely instrument! So light. So responsive. So musical. Thank you Brian and the Mass Street Team!

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