February 2021 – Mass Street Staff Picks

Josh BaldridgeWaterloo by Collings – WL-K
I was just enjoying playing this guitar the other day. It is the type of guitar that I could spend all day with. It is lightweight and full of character. This should be on the short list for anyone who wants a guitar with vintage Kel Kroydon feel and outstanding build quality.

Waterloo by Collings - WL-K

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Jim Baggett – Gibson Banjos – 1927 TB-F Florentine – 5-String Conversion
An extremely rare example of a Florentine 5-String conversion. Great sounding vintage find.

Gibson Banjos - 1927 TB-F Florentine - 5-String Conversion

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Eric Putnam – Don Grosh Electric Guitars – NOS Retro – 2-Tone Burst
This guitar is a perfect S style guitar. The two tone burst with the parchment guard is classic. Very light and resonant, and Don’s necks feel comfy and worn in right out of the box!

Don Grosh Electric Guitars - NOS Retro - 2-Tone Burst

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Matt Pelsma – Eastman Electric Guitars – AR372CE-SB Archtop
This is the Jazz guitar I wish I had 10 years ago. The ebony fingerboard looks fantastic, and the acoustic resonance really stands out with heavy strumming or single notes.

Eastman Electric Guitars - AR372CE-SB Archtop

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Brian Soden – Seeker Electric Effects – MKII Tone Bender
They’re heeere! Our first run of custom fuzzes from Seeker Electric Effects has arrived! I purchased a couple pedals directly from Seeker in 2020 and really enjoyed getting to know Mike, the man behind Seeker. When Mike reached out to me about potentially doing a run of pedals for the shop, I jumped at the chance.

The end result of this collaboration is an amazing run of exceptional vintage MKII Tone Bender style fuzzes! There is plenty of gnarly gain on tap, but rolling back the guitar’s volume also yields some very nice greasy tones. Perfect for achieving those Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck tones. We couldn’t be happier with how these turned out.

Seeker Electric Effects - MKII Tone Bender

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Mike Horan – PreSonus Audio Microphones – Revelator USB Mic
Presonus makes great user-friendly technology and this is just the thing to help get your current project online. Requires no additional audio interface, just plug and play!

PreSonus Audio Microphones - Revelator USB Mic

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Trey Durkin – Pisgah Banjos – 11″ Appalachian Cherry with Vintage Heel
This is such a cool banjo! we’re really excited to get Pisgah banjos in. Made in North Carolina out of all North American woods, these banjos continue a great heritage of old-time banjo building. I really like this Appalachian- not only does it sound and feel great, it has a really nice overall appearance, with contrasting light woods (persimmon and cherry), and darker aged brass hardware. We have several great banjos with various wood/tone ring options, give us a call to come check them out!

Pisgah Banjos - 11 Appalachian Cherry with Vintage Heel

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Susan Willits – Eastman Mandolins – MDA315 Mandola
The Eastman MDA315 Mandola is an extremely fun instrument to spend some time with. Wonderful low end tones with nice sustain, this mandola can spark new creativity! Beautifully made, with solid maple and spruce and a padded bag. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Eastman Mandolins - MDA315 Mandola

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Matt KappenmanTaylor Acoustic Guitars – 618e V-Class
This jumbo is such a fantastic strummer and is a great accompaniment to vocals whether you’re playing solo or with a full stage band. I have a soft spot for maple guitars, they always bring out a different tonal palette to my playing and this 618e is no different.

Taylor Acoustic Guitars - 618e V-Class

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